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This crazy situation Has caused my mind to have a sudden Revelation.
I owe you no explanation Of my contemplation.
I grow weary of this conversation
that adds to my mind's complication.
Your Lack of education
Must stem from a weak family foundation.
I have no hesitation
To cut off with you all forms of Communication.
It seems you find gratification
In the destruction of my generation.
I have this sensation
That builds within with much Anticipation
As I thrive on the temptation
That has caused you to have a Reservation
Of life full of damnation.
Now from me you seek validation
But only by your own interpretation.
You seek it for your ego's rejuvenation
When you should look beyond such weak Self examination.
Your actions have no justification.

Jorge Vazquez

Copyright ©2005 Jorge Luis Vazquez

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