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8/1/2006 11:46 am

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9/2/2006 8:45 pm


When I ask my wife if I could share her with other men I intended for it to be at my request before she was shared. The last time I wrote anything on here was six weeks back and a lot has been sorted out in that time. Donna is still fucking Tim on a regular basis and I have been joining them for the past week instead of them going into another room if I was even present. I decided that I had asked for this and now I wanted to make the best of it. After joining in for some of the best sex that I have ever been involved in I was stupid to even have acted as jealous as I seemed to be after she did it with someone else. After all I was the one who wanted her to in the first place. After joining them for the first time one thing became clear early on and that was she could suck cock ten times better while being fucked at the same time. Tim who is half our age plows her hungry box so much now while she sucks my cock she has had to get some extra padding for her knees so it will not show marks on them. Her pussy is streched wide from her younger mans massive cock regular fuckings but it is worth giving up her pussy for her unbeleivable blow jobs. I still fuck her pussy at times but its not what she wants inside her I can tell so I have ajusted to what she desires and plan on making sure she gets it as much as she wants it. I love her very much and she does me also and our sex lives are at a all time fever pitch now and it would have never been this hot without adding another. I wished I had handled it better from the start but plan on making up for lost time. I hope that she will consent to adding other well hung men soon and maybe even a black man in the future.

yash_theone 32M
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8/1/2006 12:48 pm

well sometimes to u feel bore from thing and u want to try something new so u shared ur wife and u have fun at the starting but u know u can only hold urself and ur feelings wat if it starts happening at ur back...... wat u gonna do don't mind it is an ediction can not help this can't stop........ like a will hurt ur feelings it's ur wife ........ ur. think and do something about this.

MakMeLuvItBig 64F

8/1/2006 1:07 pm

My husband knew I had a high sex drive before we married , and I knew he did too. I never expected to have only one man in my life and my bed - married or not - and I had no delusions of HIM ever staying faithful.
So we made a pact before we married that sharing was ok - with certain rules. We've been able to remain faithful in our hearts while we shared the rest of our bodies with selected lovers over the years.
That was 32 years ago and we're still together. Happily! I have a boyfriend on the side and he has two ladies he sees occasionally.
We don't do 3somes or groups. We see our lovers privately, although he has done 3somes with others without me.
It works for us, but I've seen MANY other couples try it and fail miserably. Jealousy kills most of them. It's hard for a guy to watch "his woman" being pleased by someone else - especially if the guy is really well hung. A lot of male insecurity there. My hubby is just the opposite. He doesn't watch, but always likes to hear how well filled up I got by some giant dick.
It's definitely not for everyone.
Good luck!

rm_xtrathick13 51M/51F
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8/6/2006 7:24 am

Just sit back and enjoy now because that is all you can control anyway. Most women like a larger than average cock and if they ever get stuffed they are hooked then. Let me get a hold of her with my weapon and she will forget that young boy because her pussy would be filled if I get between her legs.

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