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5/14/2006 1:16 pm

We have built up the courage to start putting some things on line so we care share the part of our sexual fantasies that in our later years of life have decided to explore. We have been married over twenty years after dateing ten years all the way through high school and college before tying the knot. My wife has never been with another man in her life and I have had only two other women and none after we married. I hope our tales will not be boring because it is exciting to the both of us. I have in the past few weeks had a couple of my friends over while my wife was out of town and after a few beers ask them if either of them had ever taken any nude pictures of their wives. Both said they had always wanted to but their wives did not agree with them so both said they had not. I then ask if they would like to see some nudes of Donna and both jumped out of their seats while saying yes. I then went into the other room and picked up a folder and walked back to where they were sitting. I began by showing them some that we took several years back with her posing in different kinds of panties,bras and several in a teddy that came with garters and stockings. After showing the guys about twenty or so like those I got into showing them her stripping out of her clothes in order until she was naked on all fours with legs spread. Her pussy looked on display in the last picture with both of them going crazy over her shaved pussy. This is the first time outside of her doctor that her pussy has been seen by another man beside me in her life. As I let them sort through the rest of our pics which is about 500 we have snapped over the years we talked of some of our and their fanasties. Both said they had fantasied about fucking Donna on more than several outings in which they had seen us. I told both we would talk later about maybe making their dreams come true but only if they kepted it all a secret and we meant everything. If we heard one thing about this it would stopped right then with not a chance to resume anything in the future. After they left I could not wait to call my wife and tell her what I had been doing all evening. Her response next time

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