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8/13/2006 8:57 am

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Since my wife got her pussy stuffed by Tims thick cock she can not get satisfied it seems she always wants more of it. They have been fucking more and more and it does not matter when or here they are going to fuck. This past weekend both of them came close to blowing things slap out of the universe. As you know if you have been keeping up Tim is a good friend of our only son and 22 years younger than my wife not to mention what kind of reaction our son might have. Sunday afternoon she went by his dorm room and before you know it he had her bent over his desk with her dress pulled up around her waist and panties down around her ankles slamming het hot box like it was to be the last time. It happened just as I told them it would as Paul another friend of our sons walked in and caught them in action. My wife said he was beyond shock and even more so when she told him that she would calm his nerves down while licking his cock like a lollipop and as Tim began banging her as hard as before he caught them she yanked his shorts down with both hands and swallowed his hard pole in one gulp down to his balls and licked them in a side to side motion causing Paul to fill her mouth with a large load of his hot spunk. Not losing a drop and slurping his entire load down without ever taking her mouth off his again harden prick he was rock hard again in seconds. As Paul laid her onto her back and straddled her chest with his cock never leaving her mouth she reached up and started stroking the underside of his balls as he began fucking her mouth as hard as Tim was her pussy. He turned to see his buddy holding their best friends mother by her ankles that where over the top of his head and his thick cock pounded with rapid thrust her soaked pussy. Tims balls made a loud sound that grew louder each time they slapped against her ass. After she had his cock about to lose its skin he told Tim they needed to swap places which was fine by Tim so he rolled onto his back and slid up against the headboard and lead my wife over onto her hands and knees and guided her mouth down onto his hard cock and watched Paul step in behind her standing at the edge of the bed so he could bury his eight inch thick cock all the way to his balls on his first thrust. Paul began pounded her pussy right off because its was soaked with her juices from Tims plowing before hand. As Paul got to A STEADY POUNDING OF HER PUSSY tIM TOLD HIM TO SPANK HER ASS AND WITHOUT A WORD HE BEGAN WITH A MILD SLAP ON EACH CHEEK. Tim then ask h9m to watch him as he grabbed each one of her hard nipples with two fingers and began pinching and pulling them hard as he could causing her to quicken her pace. Tim then told Paul to get with it and spank that asss good. Paul started with a good hard smack to each cheek and then started slapping her ass so hard it made her slid up with each slap. As they ravished their friends mother naked body she had an orgasm so hard she passed out for a bit but neither of them missed a beat and soon after unloaed a tidal wave of hot cum deep inside my wifes sex starved body from both ends. As my wife lay on the bed with their cum leaking from her body and her nipples and ass cheeks glowing red from their strong hands not to mention her fire red pussy lips from the pounded of their young hard cocks neither of them could think of a thing to say to the other. After a short rest they put her into a bathrob and slipped her out the side door before anyone else saw her. Upon getting her home some thirty minutes later she discarded their robe and bent over the kitchen table taking one from each end when Paul almost had the big one seing me walk in with the three of them going at it. They forgot to clue him in on my knowing and it as almost to much for him to handle. After a short time to get his wind again both of them started fucking her again and Thats what the three of them are doing as I write this.

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8/13/2006 3:49 pm

What a nympo your wife has turned into. She will fuck other men and a lot of them from now on. I hope you are happy

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