College has gotten into her  

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8/24/2006 3:18 pm

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College has gotten into her

As I told her after Tim and Paul left she was playing with fire and everyone knows what happens when you do. With Paul finding out much less joining in that means another person knows which in turn that is one more mouth that may talk. Not to seem worried much she told me that both would keep quite or as she told them they would be cut off never to get her pussy again if she heard of any talk at all.
Nothing else was said all evening and she was still sleeping when I left for work the next morning. I decided to surprise her at lunch and take her out somewhere nice to eat. When I pulled into our drive stopping at my usual spot I could see another car that had been pulled around behind our house. When I walked around to see what make it was I knew whos car it was. Tim drove a sport suv and it looked the same color and all.
I then slipped around to the back door and let myself in as quite as possible. Music was playin through out the house and as I went on in the house I had seen or heard no one as I came to the hallway. Once I started down the hallway I heard noises that seem to be from the spare bedroom at the end of the hall. As I reached the doorway of this room the door was half open and upon looking in I could see my wife with three men on the bed and as the picture became clear she was riding one guy who has his cock buried in her pussy while the guy behind her was fucking her asshole as hard as he could slam it. Paul was standing beside her with his cock fucking her mouth as hard as the other two were fuckinh her other holes.
I watched in shock as she had let another young college boy join with the other two and she was getting drilled in each of her three holes at once. My cock began swelling as my wife was impaled on three cocks stroking in a rythem in and out of each of her three holes. Either way she went she got stuff full of hard cock in her pussy and ass. She was fucked by the three of them for a solid hour as I watched without any of them seeing me. I left to go back to work leving her with her boy toys to play with.
I called her from work when I got back some twenty minutes later and she seemed a bit out of breath. She did not say a word at that time but as I found out later she was still getting it whle talking with me in her pussy and ass just as I had left her. She confessed right off the bat when I got home and said they had left some twenty minutes before I arrived home. All three of them had fucked her four times each lasting from noon until a little after five.
My wife had let each of them fuck all three holes and filling each of them with their hot jism at least once in each one. What a slut she had turned into

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8/25/2006 3:48 am

Dude you two are in an unbelivable sitution and all you can do is ride it out. They hold all the cards and if they talk either way you two are toast. Hope your son never finds out. Good luck

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