Tarzan Meet Jane Fonda  

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1/5/2006 3:42 pm

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Tarzan Meet Jane Fonda

One of my adventures called today. Sniffing around for the slightest possibility of a return engagement on my part. I couldn't be less interested.

It is not because he is unattractive or bad in bed. He has the body of an Adonis and is quite skilled in bed. And, he is pleasant and respectful to boot. Why on earth would anyone not want to return to that?

I am not interested because afterwards, I felt empty and used like a cum rag. The fact of the matter is that in spite of his bedroom skills, he was selfish. It was all about him from beginning to end and afterwards, when all the hormones and horniness have been replaced by clear sight and absolute relief - it is impossible to pretend that you were anything other than a giant masturbation tool in someone else's fantasy.

And this would have been fine too if he had paid more attention to MY needs in bed instead of showing off.

So I told him that the whole AdultFriendFinder thing wasn't really working for me (and it isn't) and that the experience with him was sub-par and left me feeling empty and icky afterwards in spite of his good looks and bed skills (which it did). He took it all very well and then offered what he believed to be helpful advice. Perhaps you should put an ad on Match.com instead of AdultFriendFinder because that seems to be more of what you are looking for.

Well, I tell him... fact is that I have friends who are swingers and it isn't the swinger culture I have an issue with. The problem is that there are alot of guys on AdultFriendFinder who are not really swingers but are instead just a bunch of horny baboons looking for a place to stick their dick and that wasn't for me. My standards were too high for that and I deserve better.

He awkwardly agreed with me and I am sure, wondered if the reference to the horny baboons didn't include him (it did).

What is the difference between swingers and scumbags?

Swingers like to be friends with folks. Have dinner with them, talk with them, exchange pleasant moments before, during and after sex. It is about being comfortable sharing... sharing your partner, sharing a meal, sharing yourself.

Scumbags get on swinger sites hoping for easy sex, cheap dates and no hassles - and no responsibility for other people's feelings. They use terms like "friends with benefits" or "no strings attached" as if these were secret code words to enter a special club without one clue what to do once accepted as a member.


This whole thing is weird. While I am not looking for the love of my life on this thing, why is it so hard for men to understand that I am also not looking to be treated like a blow up doll that requires no semblance of social courtesies?

In another blog, someone was bitching that men pay for sex, one way or another, all the time.

Fact is, they were correct.

Other fact is, that THIS is the only thing that redeems many of the jackasses running around with dick in one hand while grabbing for a tit or ass with the other.

Think it sucks to be a guy? Try being a girl sometime.

RockPebble 69M
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1/9/2006 6:31 pm

Men are working from their own experience. When we get horny "hello" is enough foreplay for most men. A lot of men assume that when a women posts that she's horny or just wants no strings sex or some of the other phrases used on here that "hello" is the only foreplay required. Of course this is incorrect and selfish and stupid.
Then again if you don't educate the baboons it does cut down on the competition. My condolences and hope the new year will be more satisfying.

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