Only the lonely can play  

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1/3/2006 5:14 pm

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Only the lonely can play

I am talking to one of the folks I know from AdultFriendFinder and they are telling me about a semi-private holiday party they went to that was hosted by one of the AdultFriendFinder folks. They regaled me with tales of how they met this one and that one (insert AdultFriendFinder name here, here and here) and then described the various types of lingerie the women were wearing for the party as it was a "CFM" party or "come fuck me" party (This is a new term for me. Not sure if I like it.)

Then, because I haven't had enough issues with the relative mental health or social skills with many of the folks I have dealt with on AdultFriendFinder, he innocently continues telling his story and mentions that the hostess had her children upstairs during the party... Sleeping, supposedly - but in the house... you know, the SAME house where there are women running around drunk and in various states of undress surrounded by men who are there for the express purpose of getting laid by these women... at THIS party... in THIS house? The same house where the mother of these children not only planned this debacle but was standing in the midst of it getting righteously drunk her damn self.

(Insert horrified, disbelieving, about to start a screaming tirade like a launched rocket facial expression here.)

Yah. Can you say? Piece of shit? Dirty cunt? Nasty fucking disease pot that should die? Dirty hole? I can say those things and did all the while warning my friend that it is a good thing I didn't know who this woman was or where she lived because that is DEFINITELY a call to child protective services and I would call them myself in a heartbeat - and you can call me whatever you want for even considering doing that but fact of the matter is - you have to be a completely irresponsible, self absorbed piece of shit to put your kids in such a vulnerable position. Bottom line: Child molesters don't wear labels on their foreheads so they can be easily identified. Do you really know what one would look like? Act like? Sound like? Who has a moral obligation to do the right thing by your children? Complete strangers or YOU the woman that gave birth to them?

Stupid, dirty cow. SHE is now the reason I will never go to an AdultFriendFinder event. I have no desire to be associated with women like THAT - much less know them personally. God help her children, lord knows she obviously won't.

So WHY I wondered... WHY would anyone pull such a monstrously eggregious mistake?

Loneliness makes us all a little more stupid than normal and when you are empty inside, you will offer any part of yourself that will have value to someone else if they will just give you some attention and affection in exchange for it.

Like so many women, sex has become cheap currency to buy the love she can't find within herself to give to herself. My guess is that her father wasn't around for her or emotionally available to her (just as the father of her own kids is obviously not around for them) - and her wounded child ego has taken over every part of her emotional life and held it hostage. The problem is that her kids will be the ones paying the ransome for it long after she has forgotten who was holding the original bill... and why would it NOT surprise me if she were another grossly obese woman? Filling all those holes inside her with food and taking the easy way out to finding a cheap imitation of love... comfort food and sex - and anger at anyone who thinks that obesity is NOT sexy or cute.

I want to feel bad for her. I really do. I know the demons that torment her because they torment almost all women. The kitchen is our fortress and from there, we can fend off the biggest emotional invaders. Sex seems to be the only thing that men are comfortable with so it becomes the only thing we know will keep their attention. We get used to sleeping alone - even when someone is with us. But... to give into these things... to lose ourselves in fantasies about someone who will see past our inability to love ourselves much less someone else... to continue lying to ourselves about the discount we sell ourselves at... that is even less attractive than the extra flesh. Less attractive than the pathetic neediness that is barely disguised self-absorption.

And then I wonder what kind of man would willingly sleep with such a woman and what do they think of themselves afterwards?

Is everything excused as "boys will be boys" and "a man's got needs" ?

One of the women I work with said today that she read an article where more and more middle aged women were dumping men entirely and turning to women. Quite the phenomenon happening here in modern times. She said that she thinks it is because it is more than sex for women. It is about emotional connection. Depth. Intimacy. Feeling emotionally close to someone.

And it appears that is easier to do between women than between women and men. I am not sure how I feel about this. She could be right. I am no longer actively bi-sexual because I am looking for masculine energy to balance me but I know what she is saying.

Do men feel this way? Many men I know begin bi-sexual exploration in middle age also but with much less open admittance to it.

When did we stop liking each other?


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1/15/2006 12:57 pm

This is a horrible story. Unfortunately is not far from the truth on most of these AdultFriendFinder events.

It is THE ONLY reason I decided to create OUR group [post 178955]. To offer a SAFE alternative for women on the site of what is available in our area.


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