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6/25/2006 8:23 pm

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Sundays are always the hardest.

It is the official end of the week. Clean up, maintenance and preparation for another week ahead - some of which not being made up of anything we had ever planned on seeing ourselves living out as an adult life. We do the grind and it keeps grinding us down to finer and finer dust. We reach the end of our freedom leash on Sunday night as we wind down the clock and into a new grind.

So the night becomes handmade for comforts. Familiar arms wrap around us after we have completed our familiar routines. A breath, a sigh, a deep, relaxed release because we can be safe knowing we aren't sleeping alone... even if we hate the person we are sleeping with... when all is said and done, as long as we have them, we are still not alone and some days, that means alot.

But it's just sex. And no matter how amazing the orgasm or how tender the affection, only absolute physical and mental exhaustion will help us find the deep, silent slumber we are searching for when we crawl into empty beds alone at the end of a weekend. How hard do I have to run and how long can I keep up that pace to exhaust the demands of my restless psyche?

Yes, It's just sex when our lovers refuse us an hour of tenderness and solace in their arms without the promise of sex in return. Just animal needs being met with no connection, no revere, no joy. Do I have to be the love of your life for you to dare treat me as something more than an orifice? If you can't like the woman you are sleeping with, then why are you sleeping with her at all? In your vanity, did it ever occur to you that maybe... just maybe... even after the tenderness and emotional contact... I will still not wake up and suddenly decide that you are the love of MY life? Why can't I like you without being treated like any moment my emotional springs will snap shut around your freedom and demand more than you are capable of offering? Haven't you been paying attention to anything I have said or done so far, at all? Are you that short sighted and narcissistic when your penis is involved?

I have no desire to marry you, bear your children or correct your life and I would never turn you away if you wanted to find comfort in the safety of my arms because it is just sex not an emotional commitment.

I get it.

Why can't you?

Perchance2000 57M

6/25/2006 8:59 pm

It's sex alright, but not just. As there indeed is more than the animal(istic) needs, and that means there is feeling for each other, being tender - not just taking what one needs, but giving and sharing.

That I think applies to all (both, however many) being there, in the bed, touching, becoming one. Enjoying each other, mutually. Commitment to that, yes - that very moment, without excluding the possibility of more, but not requiring it.

Hence there is commitment, for the moment, but not for ever. The comfort then will be mutual, and deeply satisfying . . .

Sleep well, with sweet dreams - as those who understand and share your feelings dream as well, and have you included in their dreams!

cumalluwant 51M
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7/5/2006 8:58 am

I see you've been trolling through my mind, as I read your blog. Nice to have it comfirmed that, great minds do indeed think alike

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