my turn?  

sexmaniac666662 31M
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6/15/2006 2:15 pm
my turn?

my life has become pretty routine lately and i would like to find someone to jazz it up a little.
My mates all have girlfriends at the momment and i feel left out as we all go out in a large group. Getting pissed is getting boring so i need some flavour in my life and soon. life does go on and i'm looking for work at the momment as the pub i work at is going to close for refurbishing so i have other things on my mind aswell not just my over active imagination which goes into overdrive at the sight of a pair of tits jiggling as a girl walks by.

insaneredhead 45F

6/15/2006 5:46 pm

I know how you feel. All of my friends are married or "involved". Just when I think I should just suck it up and get a boyfriend, one of them calls to complain about her significant other being an ass. Take the good from the situation by living vicariously through them for the good things and then relish the thoughts of being free to do what you want when you want to.

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