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graven images

There is a new lady in my life and we have become much more than friends. We both live many miles away from each other, yet know each other well through the written word. For now, we finally have an extended visit in person. All of our prior meetings until now had been for a few days or just a week. Now, this very nice and pretty and elegant, wonderful Japanese woman is here with me for… well, we will decide latter. She has been so good for me, opening my eyes to new experiences in life. My walls have been coming down, one by one. Soon, there will be no more left and I will be indeed, completely naked to her. Yes, she has been doing the same for me. Our past pain and disappointments and this long journey to finding love and great sex and deep conversations have been well worth the wait. At some time, perhaps late at night as we lie together, naked, enjoying the heat and sweat after a sex marathon, sharing embraces, I mentioned to her one of my few fantasies. Why? Well, she asked and because I feel comfortable with her. That is why the sex is so great and that is why we have decided to spend a long time together here in my city, in my country. The story I told her was about my days just after graduating from college with my undergraduate degree. I had taken a summer/seasonal job while waiting and preparing for graduate school. This job was working in the local cemetery. Yes, I dug holes, but mostly maintenance of the vegetation. Okay, I did lots of mowing, okay. Yes, quit boring at times. On some of those long hot summer days, riding around on the tractor mowing the grass on some part that I seen 100 times before, my mind began to wonder. What else could it do? I had already read all the makers, all the tombstones, so I thought of a new game: Where would be the best places to have sex here? Over the weeks, which become months and nearly 2 years, I had a few very nice spots picked-out. I even concocted a few plans on how it would go down, or at least, on how I would go down on some lucky girl. At the time, I had no girlfriend or sex buddy and then I moved away. Thus, it never happened. I had not spent any time in my local cemeteries here, I just gave up on the fantasy. Besides, who would want to? “Cats” and I planed a trip to go see my old college town. I had forgotten about telling her my little cemetery gig, so that was not in my mind. My brother is part owner and brew master of a nice restaurant there, so we planed on only spending the afternoon there. After our nice meal and seeing some of the old sights, she said that she had become sleepy. I noticed that it was already dark and well, we had no where else to be or go. We rented a room and settled in for the night, or, so I thought. Sometime shortly after midnight, “Cats” woke me. “How about a walk?” Comprehension was slow for me, but why not? It is a warm evening. We walked into the calm starry twilight, brightly light by a near full Moon. She has on a very sexy short skirt, one I had not seen before. Her long lovely legs glow in the Moon’s light. Her sexy thighs, that I love so much, glistened with each movement. Silence rules, but a few simple questions came to me from her after a distance. “Is this the campus again?” “Is that the fraternities?” Yes was the short answers I gave as we continued our pace. My mind wishes not to speak, just to observe and to just be. She is so beautiful in the moon light. I love her so and I want to just drink in this moment. Nothing else matters. We had nearly gotten completely across the intersection when I noticed we were about to step upon the sidewalk that surrounds the cemetery. My mind suddenly, no, it still wishes to just enjoy. As we came to be at the gate, she asks, “Shall we?” Comprehension is no longer slow. “Sure,” is all I can muster. My eyes dart here and there to find… nothing. This is still a small town and in the summer with no regular classes, even smaller. “Here,” I said as I took her hand, leading her quickly behind the old house at the main gate. “Don’t they lock this at night?“ “No, just the back gates.” Quickly, I led her through the fresh cut grass and tombstones, the old stone markers baring the family names of many historical generations who lay at rest here. Well, that is one theory about death. I tried not to think of it that way when I way working here. It kind of creep me out if I allowed it. My mind ran through these old scenarios I had made up those many years ago. Only one came to at first. We reach the spot that has some very nice old hedges of lilacs. Very aromatic in the spring, but for now, just full of green leafs. I began to look around. Nothing. This spot is hidden, yet, open. From here, a person can see the roads and on coming traffic long before they see you. In fact, they can drive right by, not seeing anyone and all a person has to do is stand still. Close behind us are some mature cottonwood trees that made some nice shade on those hot days. On the other 3 sides, hedges. Below us, well, we are in the middle of the plots, so just earth and thick soft grass. “Is this one?” “Yeah.” Before I could finish, “Cats” is on her knees before me, unzipping my short pants. Before I can as much as look down, she has my member out and in her warm mouth. She is incredibly talent at this! Often, I find myself not able to think, just feel. No one before her as caused me to enjoy receiving oral pleasure. She does spoil me so. Tonight, the sensation is over-whelming! Instantly, I become very erect! I thought for a fleeting moment that I might explode right then and there, but she slows, taking me out, and slowly licks me, around the tip, down the shaft and then… all the way back in to her mouth again. Her hand moves up and down in sync with her head. Her mouth is so tight around me that I will not have to ejaculate, she is going to get it out herself. Sensing, as she always does, that I am about to release, she stands to face me. Hoping to oblige, I reach over to kiss her, but she pushes me back with such earnest that I nearly fall on my back. That is indeed her intentions, so I succumbed. Before I can finish laying all the way back, she is on top of me. With only a fleeting glimpse, I notice no underwear and then I also notice, just as quickly, that she is so moist that I felt she had already orgasm from me licking her for an hour (something I have done more than once with great pleasure, and hers as well). Quickly, she takes me in her hand, holding me up, and she, with one quick stroke, has me balls deep in her. I feel as though the World has just speed up, spinning twice Her normal rate. Surely I will spin right off, but then I hear some soft moans. “Cats” has the most erotic moans I have every heard! They send me straight to climax and beyond. Tonight, they are at a new height of enjoyment for me. I place my elbows up and perch myself up so that I can have a much better view. “Cats” does not notice anything other than her own internal world of pleasure and enjoyment. Her eyes may be open, but they are only seeing whatever pictures are in her beautiful mind. Her back is arched, her knees firmly on the grass, her pretty face looking upward to the stars, her chest out, and her very wet sex throbbing with such intensity as to be indescribable. Her hips thrust back and forth, not fast or hard, yet not slow and light, but steadily and evenly and… I realize that at this moment, I am her toy. My pleasure is of no concern to her right now, and that makes me even harder. I feel such love and sexual arousal that I just about lay back down. Suddenly, without warning, she explodes, soaking my boxers through to my balls. Does she stop here? Oh no! It seems to only be the beginning. As if disappointed that her climax was so sudden, feeling as though she has been shorted some how, “Cats” begins to thrust hard and fast. Her hands go to my chest, pushing down firmly to support herself. The Moon light in her hair, on her pretty face, dancing off of her hot body, brings this whole experience to new sensations. Harder and faster she moves. Then, when I am begin to wonder if I can hold out long enough for her to climax again, her thighs begin to twitch. Her body begins to tense, then relax, tense, relax, then, tense and relax. Each time, becoming closer together, quicker, more intense until, with a sudden burst of joy, she begins shaking as if to… and then… a cry and then… more twitching and then… a river. “Okay, my turn,” I think to myself and stand up. Her body is limp, succumbing to my will. I walk her quickly to the old cottonwood tree and turn her around, her back to me. “Cats” knows as she bends down, resting her hands on the tree’s trunk, supporting herself. I pull her skirt up then quickly enter her from behind. She is still very very wet. It feels so intense, yet, I am no where near close to letting go. As though I have gotten a sudden second wind, I pound her very hard. Between lots of yes’s and moans and other words of ecstasy, she orgasms again. For now, I slow and move all the way in and out of her wetness; slowly, deliberately. I can feel my climax building as I become harder and harder, closer and closer, with each long stroke. Her sex is squeezing me and soon, I know it is to be. My body tenses and relaxes, my toes want to curl, but how can they when I am standing? Yet, they do somehow. My stomach twitches and then, my knees buckle and I weakly make one last shaking thrust, as deep as I possibly can and explode!!! What happens next, well, not too sure. My mind is blown, numb, gone fishing. My body is spent, yet, I desire more. As we get back into bed, she places he back to me, snuggling very close to me. Does she speak those words? Why, of course! Just as I am slipping into slumber she asks, “Was that how you imagined it back then?” “Well, not really. The taking you from behind part yes, but not the rest. I usually like to fantasize me giving the oral.” “Oh.” “But I never imagined you or anyone enjoying it so much.” The Sun will be very high in the sky before we arise this day.

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3/28/2006 6:53 am

Exquisive, my sweet. Very nice indeed!


sexloverocknroll replies on 3/28/2006 11:09 am:
Thank you, my Lady! Glad you approve!

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