You and me and the HD  

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4/7/2006 8:16 pm

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You and me and the HD

Another long, hot summer day at work is finally over. Rushing home, my mind and body are tired. Can’t wait to get into that shower and get some dinner in me. After all of that is done, she has her turn in the shower, for her day has been long, too. Relaxing on the couch, I pick a few tones on the 6-string. Before long, she stands before me, wearing that special leather halter top and those favorite tight black jeans of mine. This is my signal that tonight I am getting lucky! Not that I don’t get lucky everyday. Hey, I‘m lucky just to have a lady like this. Just that she is telling me it’s time for a ride and latter, sex.

While most others are setting on their porches, drinking their iced tea, or at the local ice cream parlors with the kids, my lady and I take a nice, cooling, relaxing ride on the HD. As she purrs and rumbles, we turn down this street and onto that one. The wind in our hair, the World at our backs, she runs her hands up and down on my stomach. Pulling herself closer, I can feel her breasts on my back, exciting my already over-loaded sense. Over-loaded, yet, at the same time, calm and nowhere. Just as my thoughts, calm and nowhere. Nowhere but on her hot body and her roaming hands.

Here and there, I steal a reach back and rub her luscious thighs. Here and there, she steals a kiss on my neck. The weight of the day is gone. The weight of our dull everyday work day is gone as well, flying off in the wind. As we ride this wind, my thoughts return. Her crouch is so close now I can feel… hey, no panties! That’s it. No more. Not waiting to get home then waiting for the kids to get to sleep. Not tonight.

At first chance, I pull the bike into a big parking lot. Finding the darkest back corner, I move her in and shut her down. Dismounting, she waits for me on the bike. Turning my back to the HD, I lean against the seat, then take her by the back of her pretty head. She knows exactly what I’m sayin’. We have done this before, many times. Just as her halter top and no panties and tights jeans says she wants it, my hand on her head tells her, “Get down there and suck it!” Obediently, yet, willingly, she obliges. On her knees, she quickly unzips me and pulls me out. As she places her warm wet lips around me, I reach for her head again. Soon, I am close to cumming. Why? Oh, just the thought of doing her for the past 2 hours. That and she is so damn good at this! Placing my hand in her hair, I fight the urge to pull it hard. Why? Cause this feels so… damn… good!!! Why do I not pull it? And take her mouth off me? You crazy?

Her head bobs and moves, faster. With eager delight, that incredible mouth of hers sucks so hard that I am wonder if my balls will come off. Oh, they’ll come off alright, just as soon as I get some of that hot stuff between her legs. It’s time, so I pull her up. She knows what to do. Unzipping, pulling down and turning around all at the same time, it is mere seconds before I am deep in her tight wet sex! Oh my, but she is wet! Pounding her hard and fast, her moans become audible words. Those words! Sets my member on fire! Harder now, faster now! For a brief second, my thoughts wonder to someone driving by. Hope it’s not a cop! If it is, they’ll have to wait until I’m finished. Does she notice? An explosion of sound and spasms brings me back to the matter at hand. She has just exploded in a hot flood of orgasms. Good, cause I am ready too.

Harder and faster, rock’n’ the bike until…. Oh, man, I never tire of this… My balls burst as my body shakes. Throbbin’ and shootin’ until they are spent . My desire is tamed, for the moment. Quickly, before I can zip up, she is on me again, taken the last drop out with her hot mouth.

The ride home is too short, as always. This is home, this bike, this road, this lady. Yes, she is a lady. She is as pretty as any young supermodel, even at her 40 something years. She has more style and class than any wife of the Governor, more brains than any college graduate, a better mother than any church going woman and the best wife and lover any man could ask for, brother!

catseyes23 61F

4/8/2006 12:18 am

Something/someone definitely fired your imagination!


sexloverocknroll replies on 4/8/2006 4:26 am:
We had a few nice warm spring days last week, although it snowed yesterday. Just wanting to get the bike out. Have not been on it for... too long. You are my fire, pretty lady! Come dance with me.

catseyes23 61F

4/9/2006 12:37 am

"You are my fire, pretty lady! Come dance with me."

I would if I could and could if I would, but I may just step on your toes my fine man!


sexloverocknroll replies on 4/9/2006 6:38 am:
How wonder that would be to have such an elegant lady as yourself to step on my toes! Live would indeed be lovely!

lulu40002 47F

4/9/2006 3:19 pm

lovely, heavenly

sexloverocknroll replies on 4/9/2006 5:31 pm:
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

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