The Perfect Woman?  

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4/1/2006 7:55 am

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The Perfect Woman?

All women are perfect in their own way. 'Perfect' can have tons of meanings in this situation. For example, the ‘perfect body’ can mean excellent health or excellent looking. Thus, 'perfection' in this sense is a matter of opinion. My opinion is what I wish to discuss here. (I would love to hear yours) I do not wish to step on anyone’s toes or offend anyone! I would only like to express what I feel is the “perfect woman” for me. So, here she is in list form, in order of most important to least:

Can we learn and grow together, not apart?- Many times I have meet someone who’s Path and mine crossed for a time, moving along together in the same direction. After some time, short or long, we moved apart. I want to learn and grow from her, because of her, without her but always with her. That is some hard work people! We encourage each other, compliment each other, make each other a better person, cause each other to become better and try harder with little effort. With our combined energies, we can accomplish many things, great things, things we would not separately.

A good heart- When you see a spider in your house what do you do? I pick them up and return them to nature. Would you give your last dollar to a stranger? I have.

Caring- Does anyone really care about anything other than themselves any more? I know I do. Am I the only one? Does her family come before her career? Does money take a back seat to love?

Intelligences- Has a brain and uses it for something other than filler. Can carry on a deep, thoughtful, interesting conversation before, during and after sex. Educated and has very good common sense. Can it be both? I do, so why not her? A good vocabulary, a good writer, a good reader, frugal. A strong desire to learn and grow. A thirst for knowledge.

Spirituality- Her beliefs do not have to match mine or be exactly, just compatible and understanding. After all, I want to learn from her. Without God or a Higher Power, the marriage will not last. Has a strong desire to help others and to achieve Enlightenment.

Can she love and accept love, unconditionally? - Giving does not seem to be much of an issue at times, just not to me. Receiving is, though. How can one judge a person's ability to give love? By how well they can receive it. How can one judge how well a person can receiving love? Pay her a compliment. Does she say she does not believe you, say she is not all that or does she give you thanks and give one back to you in return?

Decent self-esteem- How difficult is it to express love when she thinks herself unworthy? See above. She is confident and/or comfortable in her looks, her intelligences, her abilities, her inner self. She is elegant, well mannered, frank, honest, kind, grateful during the good times and supportive during the bad. She loves sex, knows how to please and to be pleased. She knows who she is and what she wants in life. Has a big drive to be successful with money, but is not consumed by it. Takes good care of her body by eating healthy and exercising and does not have bad habits such as drinking too much, smoking or taking drugs.

Common interests- Likes and appreciates art, music of all kinds, movies, food, enjoys nature, traveling, dancing. Either likes now or will at least make an attempt to like, sports, hockey, football, fishing, motorcycles, camping, hunting, Yoga, meditating. She has her own interest that she wishes me to participation in and try and is okay with each of us not participating in everything we do. (also known as good self-esteem)

Does she exist? Will I meet her? I think so, yes. But where is she? This women is whom I seek. Does not mean I over-look all others. Also means it will take time to learn about that person.

Oh, okay, you want body type and age and hair color and breast size and all that? Sorry, not so important to me, however, if she is to be perfect:

Sorry Ladies, no offense, but to me blonde white woman are far too common, seen everywhere everyday here, and thus not very appealing to me. However, I have dated many. My fav? Red hair, darker skin (tan, Italian, Latino, etc.) Here is a few celebrities that I can use for examples of what I think is best:

Hallie Berry
Selma Hyack
Kirsten Dunst (as Mary Jane in Spider-man)

I do not prefer very skinny girls or huge ones, but that is only talking perfection. Oh, by the way, if she is going to be perfect for me, then I will need to be perfect to her.

catseyes23 61F

4/1/2006 8:19 pm

Well thought out piece, Sexy.


sexloverocknroll replies on 4/2/2006 8:05 am:
Thank you so much, my Lady! Your comments means a lot to me.

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