Jamaica and Voodoo  

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7/13/2006 6:01 am

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Jamaica and Voodoo

I am back! My flight was late getting in, but not too bad, just a few hours. The computers in Jamaica went down about 2 hours before my flight. I got there just in time, but they had to do all of the others by hand and no one got any connecting flights. Since I got back, I have been putting out lots of fires with my business. More latter. Going there, I was 7 hours late arriving! There was a lot of bad things happening to me just before and as I was going. It began to feel like an evil force was working on me.

The person I went to go meet, “T” got very ill about 3 weeks ago and needed hospitalization. She got out Sunday, but I did not get to speak to her before I departed for Jamaica. I was too late getting in, so I did not talk to her until the next day, Thursday. That was her birthday and the reason I went at that time. She was able to get enough rest and enough strength to met me for dinner in Montego Bay. (She works there and lives there during the work week, but her family lives in West Moreland and where she calls home) Her close friend, “D”, came with her. “D” is a very nice and sweet person. “T” was still very ill and un-able to talk much. We talked for about 20 minutes, then went to eat. She is so beautiful!!!! Her eyes just made me melt! She had a very warm and caring smile, but she has lots of sadness in her eyes. When we were first standing there, I was speechless and nervous. All I could do was just stare at her. We hugged initially and I just lost all thoughts. So much information! Her soft skin was smooth and like hot chocolate. Eventually, I relaxed and got back to being myself, mostly. After eating, we sat talking alone for a few minutes. I told her I was certain after meeting her in person that I wanted to be with her always. She told me she was liking me too and that is was going well “so far.” She was/is still worried I will be like the last guy and turn out to be a jerk. “D” told me he was very possessive and jealous and would not let her talk to her family or friends or people at work. Friday, “T” was very sick and throwing up, unable to even keep water down. She became dehydrated again and went back to the hospital in West Moreland. Since I did not get to see her, I slept a lot, waking up later, taking 3 naps, and going to bed early. Guess I needed it. Visiting hours at the hospital were only for one hour, 11:00AM to noon, and one hour 6:00PM to 7:00. I went to see her both Saturday and Sunday morning, but I could not go Monday because I did not have enough time. It took an hour by taxi to get to the hospital from my villa and it is 45 minutes to the airport from my villa. My flight was supposed to leave at 2:30. At the hospital, I met her mother. She is a very kind woman with a very lovely smile. On Sunday, I met her sister and one of her cousins. We took them in town to get ice cream for “T.” Saturday, she was not doing very well and had not seen the doctor yet. She did not say much to me, but I was happy to see her. I told her that I love her and my intentions are to marry her. After seeing her, we went to Negril and did some shopping and I saw the beach. It rained so we did not stay long. Later that evening, I was feeling very confused about how distant “T” was toward me. When I would tell her my feelings about love and marriage and happiness to see her, she would only say “okay.” That was just my lack of confidence due to the past. She was very ill, after all. I talked to “D” on the phone and got some peace of mind. Sunday was a nice visit and she was doing better. When I was there, the doctors spoke to her and one told her he would take her to his private hospital when she had some strength for tests.

In Miami, where I was to make my connection, I was trying hard to place phone calls to let my friends know I was going to be late arriving. Some odd things kept happening and I never got not make the call. Then, as I was walking around, occupying time, I began to feel that maybe someone had put a spell on “T.” When “R” (my brother’s friend and my taxi driver) and I were driving back on Sunday, he told me “someone put a voodoo on her.” I had not said anything to him previously, so it gave me confirmation. Due to the nature of her illness, I had suspicions, but I knew then that some had gotten her to ingest something. On Monday, I spoke to “D” before I left and told her our suspicions. She said she had been thinking the same thing and we all agreed it was most likely her ex-boyfriend. He had threatened her and told her he would see her dead before any one else would be with her. Latter that day, I did some “checking” and “cleaning” on “T.” Monday when I spoke to her on the phone, she was doing much better. She told me she had a big bowel movement after the ice cream and it made her feel much better. Wednesday, the day after I arrived, she got out of the hospital and is doing better, although they meds they have her on is making her sleep a lot.

Saturday evening, I wrote her a long letter telling her about my feelings and that I would take care of her and her family. As of Monday when we spoke, she had not read it yet.

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    Please be careful.....dont open yourself up too much until you know for sure....
Thank you for your concern.

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