sexloverocknroll 57M
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4/21/2006 7:41 pm

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4/22/2006 9:17 am


Blazing fire logs
Scruffy puppy dogs
Marching pollywogs

Budgie white cage
Swimming fish engage
Lizard green rage

Fur illuminate sheen
No tail esteem
Mouse chase dream

Trampoline jeans
Tangerine beans
Black leather teens

Jumping dive stage
Dressing no age
Music metal gage

Multi-facet scene
Feet cover green
Mountain grass serene

Crusted drifts of snow
Blowing freeze go
Spinning mind slow

Golden leaf tree
Bumble yellow bee
Blueing green sea

Trout fishing streams
Deer hunting deems
Sporting favorite teams

Orange blue call
Big cheering tall
Oval shape ball

Blue maroon ice
Stick rubber device
Lord Cup twice

Blissful thought beam
Trazadone dream
Trudging in gleam

Inside up down
Take a look around
Try to tell a sound

Purple color haze
Wasted only daze
Clouded lonely maze

Best only son
Many years fun
Not even done

rm_Bct2Esi 50M/50F
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4/21/2006 7:58 pm

I liked this I read it more then once, and each time I got something different out of it Good job

hugs and smiles sweetie

sexloverocknroll replies on 4/22/2006 6:00 am:
Thank you!

catseyes23 61F

4/22/2006 12:33 am

Very nice colllection of words!


sexloverocknroll replies on 4/22/2006 6:02 am:
Thank you! This was writing as a song back in 1993 when I was in a heavy metal band. I have re-writen since.

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