sexichick1985 31F
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4/1/2005 4:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Today I went to work with a short skirt and no knickers. I told myself in the car n the way to work that I forgot butif I am honest I did it on purpose.

I didnt do anything outragous like flash the boss but the idea was a massive turn on. I opened my legs under my desk and I could feel the draft flowing up my skirt and tickling me.

When I got home I was very wet and I had to spend ages with my rabbit to cur me of the heat.

ExcitedSenses 38M

4/2/2005 1:13 am

mmmmmm so hot.... wish i was there at work... maybe you'd let me play with u under your desk mmmmmmm. write me baby. you sound very very sexy!

john88683 42M
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4/2/2005 11:48 am

mmm so interesting wish I was your rabbit I'd be hiding my carrot in your garden patch every chance i get

greentie 46M
17 posts
4/2/2005 10:54 pm

That is to sweet!!! awww! Glad you shared that! now I can wonder about it when I see a hot girl in a skirt!

RecordMusic 40M

4/4/2005 12:10 am

Mmmm, your work sounds like a great place to be!!

I wish I was your rabbit, and if you ever need more than your rabbit, let me know.

Would love to get to kow you better sexy

RM xxx

Matt101x 41M
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4/6/2005 4:59 pm

ex of mine used to go out like that sometimes or leave me her knickers in my hand on a night out if I was lucky. I'd love to tease her until we got home, sometimes at the bar when we were packed in with the other punters. She also drove up to see me like that, pantiless and thinking about me for 2 hours in the car to surprise me. I don't think we said anything to each other at all when I found her on my bed, not for an hour or more anyway.
This sounds like a very sexy lady

MikesPeonsLooks 53M
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4/7/2005 8:49 pm

my wife and I both go out sometimes like that. My wife will ware a short, thin skint or dress and I will where shorts or short cutoffs, (a little too short). At first I was surprised to see that more women look than men!!!

rm_StHelierGuy2 45M
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4/16/2005 12:57 pm

Is it just the bunny ears of your rabbit that gets you off, or the knob bit too?

rm_dnrkst 34M
7 posts
1/4/2006 5:46 am

Granted I support you in every decision in your blog...and that dude who gave great oral...(I belive any man who doesn't eat a girl out is insecure But... you still sound so sexually frustrated, or are you just a nympho...maybe you just haven't found the right partner EVER. Trust me I'm the most feminine straight guy I know. Hhahha

rm_bobdeaf 38M
3 posts
6/1/2006 1:11 pm

forget the rabbit, tell me when?

ManOnFire200632 31M

7/15/2006 5:32 am

i would love to meet you!! any chance of that!?? x

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