Summer of 1985: Part 1  

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3/10/2006 9:42 am
Summer of 1985: Part 1

During the summer of 1985 I had just graduated in May of 1985 from college and had gone to Kentucky to check out graduate school and was there for a month before returning home to Billings, Montana and during that entire time I was getting hotter and hotter for men. I had given up men for sex for 3 years and just could not get the enjoyment that I did with a man when I was fucking pussy. I did not like to eat pussy or anything, but loved to feel my cock in a pussy that I had been somewhat dating for a couple of years. She did not mind not getting oral as she hated giving oral sex so just her getting on top of me and us fucking for hours and her getting off over and over and over and me cumming multiple times in a row in her pussy was enough for her, but not for me.

Well I returned to Billings toward the end of June 1985 and I was so fucking horny one afternoon that I went to downtown Billings and parked behind the bookstore. While I was parking a saw a truck driver with big rig park in a lot near the corner and get out and run across the street and into the back door. He turned me on.

I quickly followed behind and watched him as he strolled around the arcade and him and I locked eyes and he rubbed his crotch and I licked my lips and he nodded for me to follow him into an empty booth.

When I stepped in he had his cock out of his fly and he motioned for me to sit down and when I did he slapped my face with his huge cock and I opened my mouth and he slipped it in and then pushed down on the back of my neck and then he kept shoving it in further and further and further and before I knew it I had his entire cock in my mouth and down my throat and my lips were buried into his pubes. I kept sucking and he kept nudging me and soon I felt the base of his cock begin to pulsate and I started to pull up and off and he stopped me and said NO! and before I knew it I felt his hot liquid fill my mouth and go down my throat and he said to me that I need to swallow and I had better swallow it all. I did what he told me to do and when he was done he pulled out of my mouth and lifted my head up by my chin and he told me that I had better not try that came again. He said that when a man has his cock in my mouth that I had better finish the job and be expected to let him cum in my mouth and swallow it and not to try to spit it out or pull off as it was rude. Besides he said the bitches do that, but men know they need it swallowed and that was why he had men service him. Then he let go and he slapped my face hard with the back of his hand and zipped up and left.

I just stayed in the booth a little shocked, stunned, and surprised that I swallowed a man and how I loved how rough he had been and noticed that I was hot and my cock just throbbing. A few minutes after he left an older man came into the booth and locked the door and asked if I was okay. He saw the man leave and did not see me come out and he was concerned. I said that I was somewhat okay, but just a little surprised. He pushed my face into his stomach and said that it was okay and that I would be okay. As he was soothing me he undid his pants and let them fall and then rubbed his soft cock against my cheek and told me that this would make me feel better.

I opened my mouth and took his soft cock all the way down my throat and sucked and sucked and sucked as he got harder and harder and harder and before I knew it I was moving up and down on his cock and deep throating and then as I was half way down I felt him pulsate and his balls tighten and remembering the truck driver earlier I kept him in my mouth and let him cum and I swallowed as he was shooting and I began to moan and groan and squeal with excitement. I was so disappointed and turned on and so hot afterwards that I could hardly breath.

He thanked me and asked if I was okay and I looked at him and he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and told me that my mouth felt great on his cock and that I was one hell of a cocksucker. He told me that he hoped that I did not mind that he was 70 and that he was hoping that he would see me often down here as he came down about three times a week.

As soon as he left, I staggered out of the booth and noticed that several men were watching me as I stepped out and walked to the coke machine and got myself something to drink and then I just stood next to the wall and let the guys watch and look at me. I was trying to sort things out and was trying to figure as to why they were staring at me. Then it dawned on me that they had heard everything and knew what I had done to the two men since there was not a roof on the booths and they were out of plywood they heard me moan and groan and squeal and of course heard what the driver had said.

Well for the next few hours lets say that I made many men happy and I was down in the bookstore just about every night and many of them got excited to see me and would wait for me as I sucked men before them.

That was my Summer of 1985 and really when I learned to suck men and swallow and love the taste of cum and learned how to satisfy men especially straight married men who needed bj's.

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