My White UPS Neighbor Part 5  

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My White UPS Neighbor Part 5

The next night around 6 p.m. my neighbor knocked on my door and invited me over to his apartment for tonight’s bj. I followed him and as soon as the door was shut he stripped and said for me to follow him to the couch. He spread his legs and told me to lie between them. He asked if he could finger fuck my hole. He said don’t worry that he was not going to do what the other guy did. I stood up and pulled down my shorts for easier access. He began to rub his finger around my hole. He grabbed some baby oil and poured over my ass and on the crack and then begin playing with my hole again before putting a finger in there and cursing saying Goddamn that hole is tighter than any woman’s virgin pussy. He said he could see why the guy got so hard. All the while I was sucking his cock and bobbing my head up and down and I must admit that his words and finger fucking my hole was getting me hotter and hotter and my ass began to wiggle and he just got more turned on. In fact he shot his load without letting me know verbally that was how turned on he was by the way my hole grabbed at his finger. After he came he said that he would love to be the first man to fuck that hole. He would love to feel my hole grab hold of his cock and squeeze it tight just like I was doing to his finger.

He asked me to lie on my back and raise my legs so that he could see my pink hole twitch for his finger. All he could do for the next half hour or so was finger fuck me and curse and say how hot he was. With his other free hand he was stroking his cock and asked if he could shoot his load onto my pink hole. I shouted yes that I wanted to feel his cum on my ass and that I loved what he was doing to me. All the while I was fucking his finger and squirming. I was in heat. He pulled his finger out of my ass and I felt the tip of his cock just at the opening with out him sticking it in and felt the hot liquid hit the hole and slide down my crack. After he came, he rubbed his cum into my ass and all around the hole and in the crack. He said again that he would love to be first man to fuck that man pussy. He said I would probably be better a fuck than any woman.

He got a warm towel and began to clean himself off and me as well. We sat up both still naked and he went and got us a drink. I began to put my shorts on while he was away and when he came back in with the beers he said no. He wanted to stare at my hole and perhaps finger it again before we called it a night.

He got the chance to finger me again and even to sort of fake fuck me. He had me on my back with my legs in the air and he took his huge shaft and spread my cheeks wide and then put his shaft in between the cheeks and then let my ass cheeks close around his cock and he rocked back and forth and before I knew it I felt his hot cum hit my balls and cock.

He then wiped up his cum from my balls and cock and then put his fingers in my mouth and I ate his cum. As I was getting dressed to leave all he could say was hot damn that that was hot. He loved my hole. He said he would see me tomorrow since Don was coming home the next day and that we would have to stop playing.

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can we meet for we have fan togther.

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