My White UPS Neighbor Part 4  

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10/28/2005 1:04 pm

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My White UPS Neighbor Part 4

Later that night I heard a knock on my door and that was my neighbor in his shorts. He walked in and sat down and began rubbing his cock through the shorts. I kneeled before him like any good cocksucker would and hauled his cock out of his shorts and began sucking on the head while I was jacking him off. Then I pulled his shorts off and began to lick and tongue his balls and gently suck on them. He said no woman would do that to him and that he loved the feeling. He told me to continue sucking and licking his balls while he jacked his cock. I stayed down there for several minutes before I head his breathing change and him moan and as I looked up I saw him shoot his load into the air and land on his hand stomach and on his chest. He just kept jacking off and shooting. After he was done I leaned in quickly and took his hand and licked it clean, then the tip of his cock, then his stomach and then finally there were a few drops of cum on his right nipple that I leaned in and licked off and sucked his nipple for a few minutes. All the while he was groaning and his cock was still rock hard. He said that that was hot to see me lick him cum up and that I must really be a cum and cock hound. He told me to suck him again as he was still hard and needed to cum again and that if I sucked him he would shoot another load quick. I proceeded to suck him and this time I was able to get about three quarters of his cock into my throat which seemed to excite him more as he was raising his ass off my couch and fucking my face and before long he shot another load into my mouth. This load was smaller than the others, but also since it was so far in my throat, the cum just poured directly down my throat. After he finished cumming I pulled his cock from my lips and he leaned back spent and exhausted.

He then stood up and pulled his shorts back on. As I was walking him to the door I felt his hand on my butt cheeks and then a finger push into the crack and rub up and down. He said that I was extremely talented with my mouth and hands and that he could see why I was a slut in the summer of 1985. He said that he could see why the guy got turned on by my hole. He said he really could tell it would be tight. He said lets plan on meeting tomorrow.

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