My White UPS Neighbor Conclusion  

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10/28/2005 1:06 pm

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My White UPS Neighbor Conclusion

The next evening our final time together I headed over to his place and his door was open and I shouted hello and he said come on in. He shouted that he was in the bedroom and for me to come on back.

As I walked into his bedroom I noticed that he had a woman in bed with him and he was fondling her tits with his hand and he told me to join them. The woman said to please come. She had heard all about me and the stuff that we did that she wanted to see it for herself. She also said that in about an hour that another man was going to join them. He said that it would be okay. I was half excited and scared all at the same time.

I began to take off my clothes as the woman was getting out of bed but I got to see my UPS guy stick his fingers in her pussy. She stood there and moaned as he was fingering her pussy and he said he could feel her wetness covering his fingers. Then he pulled his fingers from her pussy and then immediately stuck one of them in my hole. He said that he wanted my man pussy to smell like her pussy. As normal as he started to finger fuck me I started moaning and groaning and gyrating around like a slut in heat. She told me to suck his cock, so I moved around so that I could start sucking his cock while she watched and commented on how far I could take his cock. Since I was so relaxed and getting used to his size I was able to take more of his cock than the other night and keep it there a little longer. She encouraged me to suck him hard and to swallow his cum when he came and she told him to stick his fingers back into her pussy and finger her while I was blowing him and then to stick his fingers back into my man pussy. He would alternate doing this for a while until she said she wanted to sit on his face and have him lick her while I crawled between his legs and sucked him off.

I must admit hearing her moan and watching her play with her tits while he was eating her out did excite me even though women do nothing for me sexually. She cried out in ecstasy as he shot into my mouth and down my throat where I greedily sucked him dry and swallowed every drop of cum without missing a drop.

She hopped off of him and asked me did I enjoy that. I said yes as she put her finger into my hole and she fingered me and even she commented that he was not getting. That hole was tighter than her pussy and she said it would be hot to see it grab hold of a cock tightly like it was her finger. She kept fingering me and making me moan while he sucked her tits.

The next thing we heard was another guy enter into the room and saying hello and began stripping. He was around 5’6” with black hair, hairy chest and arms and thighs and legs and about an average cock in length and width. The first thing he did was come over to my mouth and stick his cock while the woman was fingering me. I deep throated his cock and soon he filled me with his sweet load of cum. After he pulled out he went around to where the woman was and she told him to lube his finger and fuck my hole with his finger and tell them what he thought. He grabbed some oil and rubbed around my hole and he gasped at how it twitched and opened like it wanted him right then and now. He slowly inserted his finger and he said God….that hole is tighter than anything. He then asked how it felt to fuck that hole with cock and UPS guy said that that was off limits that it was a virgin hole. The other guy sighed sadly and said damn….he could really enjoy that hole grabbing his cock and milking it. He loved tight holes. He proceeded to finger fuck me while UPS and the woman started to fuck and we could see them fuck and her moan with extreme pleasure as he was very well endowed. In a little while he shouted that he was cumming and he filled her pussy with loads of hot cum and at the same time the guy was fucking me harder and I was jacking and I shot a huge load of cum all over my hand and some of the cum landed on my chest as I moaned with pleasure. Then as the three of us laid back wasted the guy grabbed his cock and jacked off and before long he was shooting his load all over my ass crack and balls. Then we all collapsed out of sheer pleasure. After awhile we got out of bed and dressed and went into the living room and had a drink and all I heard from both men and the woman was how hot that was and that each of them really enjoyed fingering my man pussy and both men said at the same time that they both wanted to be the first cock to fuck it and shoot their load deep inside my ass. I said well you never know. I stated that I needed to leave and get to bed as I had an early meeting in the morning. The hairy guy said he had to leave too. As we were both leaving he stopped near my door and asked if I would blow him again. He said that he could use another bj and he promised that he could come real quick. I said sure. I sat down on the chair in my living room and he unzipped his fly and hauled out his cock and it was more gorgeous than before. I licked his shaft while he moaned and then I deep throated like I had the first time and he shot his wad really quick. I loved the way that it pulsated between my lips and the way it stimulated the corners of my mouth and I let out a huge moan as I felt his load shoot down my throat. He pulled his cock and said thanks that he needed that and he had never had a guy suck him nor had he fingered a mans ass before and that he really enjoyed it and he was serious about wanting to fuck it sometime in the future. Before he left I dropped my pants and bent over the chair and let him finger fuck me for a few minutes and while he was doing that I jacked off and he stimulated my hole and prostrate with his finger that I shot all over the back of the chair. He moaned really loud as I came because when I came I squeezed his finger tighter than before and that made him happy. He slapped me gently on the ass and said that he wanted to play with again soon when I was free and perhaps I would then let him fuck me since he was smaller than his friend and that he probably would hurt less. I told him that I would think about it and then walked him to the door.

Right before I went to bed my UPS guy came over and knocked on the door and asked me if I had gotten fucked by his friend because he heard lots of moans and groans and shouts and was hoping that I had not as he wanted to be the first. I laughed and said no that I blew him and then he wanted to finger me again while I jacked off and that was all the noise he had heard. He said good. He then hugged me and then reached down and squeezed my ass and said that it was a hot ass only because of my hole being extremely tight and he said that any man should be patient and love me like I deserved to be loved and to be gentle when popping my cherry hole and to spend years making me happy back there. He also assured me that I was not a cock tease or anything.

This was the last time that I was ever with him sexually, as a couple of weeks later he got transferred to another city in the UPS family.

Meanwhile my ass is still a virgin except to getting rimmed and finger fucked. So anyone interested in fingering my man pussy to see if all the men who have had the chance to do it is correct about my hole being tighter than any pussy? Also my mouth is open to suck your cock as well anytime and anyplace.

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