Marc the quarterback  

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Marc the quarterback

My sophmore year I had to attend a different High School and all my friends and buddies went to the another one.

About half way through the year and Quarterback was was a Senior bumped into me in the hall causing me to drop my books. He stopped and turned back and said sorry let me help you and he did and as I was turning to leave he asked me if my name was Dan..... and I said yes and asked him why did he want to know. He just smiled at me and said that he had heard some rumors from his younger brother that I liked cock. He then quickly grabbed his cock, squeezed it, and said that he wanted to see me at lunch period. I told him what lunch he had and he had the same lunch as I.

Well I went to the lunch room and grabbed me and said to follow him that he was taking me to lunch. So we went to his car and he drove to McDonald's and we had a hamburger and coke and he told me that he was extremely horny and that since Barb would not suck his cock because his cock was too big for her mouth and he really loved getting sucked off more than anything he was hoping that I would offer my services.

I noticed that his bulge was always huge and I asked him how big and he said huge. He said he would show me in the car. So we went back to his car and pulled in the parking lot at the High School and he unzipped and hauled out a whopper. It was huge. It looked like a minature baseball bat. I said I wasn't sure but I would like to to touch it. He said not there, but this Friday night he wanted to take me a drive in movie that was still opened.

I said okay. Well Friday night arrived and picked me up at my parents house and we went to the Sage Drive in and parked. He proceeded to move around and unzip his fly and hauled out his cock and told me to play with it if I wanted. So I began to feel the width and weight in my hand and was getting excited playing with his big dick. I had never scene one this big before. So the movie started and I just kept jacking him off and then I leaned over and licked the tip and then took his head into my mouth and began to swirly my tongue around the head and taking a little more of his shaft into my mouth while I wrapped my hand around the rest of his shaft jacking him off while I was going up and down, down and up and all the while he was moaning saying YES that felt so good and how he needed it.

I kept doing this until his breathing changed and the moans became louder and louder and he said he was going to cum and I pulled out and he shot all over my hand his cock.

Afterwards, he got a little mad and said why did I do that. He wanted to cum in my mouth. I told him that I did not do that. He calmed down and asked if I ever swallowed and I said no that I was afraid of the taste. He laughed and said that I needed to taste his cum and that I would love it.

He wiped himself with a tissue and stuffed his cock back into his pants and we watched the rest of the first feature.

During the second feature he got horny again and asked if I would suck him off again. I said sure as I loved his large cock. I began sucking him, but I noticed that the tip of his cock was wet so I lapped at the tip and it tasted great. He told me that was his precum and if I liked that that I would love his cum. I proceeded to suck and jack him off in hopes of getting him to to cum soon. It took awhile and just before my jaw was to give out he said he was cumming and that he wanted to cum in my mouth and I moaned yes and before I knew it my mouth was full of his cum, so I swallowed and it just kept cumming and cumming. I almost swallowed it all but I missed a few drops which I licked off afterwards.

He was so happy that I had swallowed and as soon as I had swallowed it I was hooked on cum.

I still remember how his cock pulsated between my lips and the erotic feeling that it created in the corners of my mouth.

I met him often for the rest of year until he graduated.

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