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After I jacked off, I went to finish up my laundry and secretly I was hoping that he would be back in the laundry room, but I did not see him for the rest of the night. As I was passing by for the last time, I did see a woman slip into his apartment as I was coming up the stairs.

I decided to turn the TV off and try to go back to sleep. As I did this, I heard banging against my living room wall and a woman shouting. I shrugged and realized that he was fucking her and walked down the hall into my bedroom. I laid there for awhile thinking about the whole night and got really hard and began wondering what they were doing and also wondering what would have happened if I had gone inside with him in his apartment. Would I be having sex with him or………I must have drifted off to sleep as I awoke about mid morning with the sun shinning directly into my eyes. I got up, turned the coffee on and went to take a shower and then trying to figure it out if I had dreamed all of this or was it real. It was real as I was toweling off and noticed that all of my clothes were cleaned and that I just had a basked of towels to put away. I drank my coffee, made the shopping list out for the Safeway that was directly across the street from my balcony, got dressed, grabbed my keys, wallet and list and headed out of the door. As I was leaving I literally ran into the girl that was leaving his apartment and knocked her purse out of her hand. I apologized and she said no problem that she should not have been in such a hurry and had been paying attention. It is just that she was late and had to run. As she ran down the stairs, I heard a male voice say good morning and I turned around and there he was in the door way with a towel around his waist. Before I could say anything he smiled and said see you later.

I just stood there as he closed his door before heading down the stairs to go to my car and go shopping and do some errands.

About 4 hours later, I returned to my apartment building with groceries, some new clothes, and some porn magazines and other items. I began slowly unloading the car and taking my time as I had to walk a long way across the parking lot to the courtyard, across the courtyard and up three flights of stairs to my apartment. As I went in, I noticed a message on the answering machine. It was Don, my roommate, telling me that he would be gone for a few more days and that his grandma was in the hospital again and the doctors weren’t sure what was going on. I was a little bummed and little lonely, but I figured it would give me a chance to work on things, clean, and etc.

As I was making my final trip from my car, my neighbor pulled up along side of my car, parked and got out and said let me help you. I stammered and said that that was okay
I could handle it, but he would not take no for an answer. He grabbed a couple of the bags that I was losing grip on and we walked and he began to tell me that the girl he had over was an old girlfriend that was getting married soon and that her pussy was still hot and how she just loved his big old cock and wished her fiancĂ© had a big one like his. I nodded and walked into my apartment and he walked into the Kitchen with the two bags and set them on the counter and walked back into the dinning area and said that I really had a nice apartment. He said he had the one bedroom and was always curious about the two bedroom ones. He asked if I minded him looking around and before I could say anything he just started down the hall way. Before I could head him off he had gone into my bedroom and was looking on the bed and in the sack that had some porn and lube. When I got in there, he had a magazine called Inches in his hand and was looking at it and rubbed his crotch and looked at me as he dropped the magazine and said to me that I must really love large cocks. He chuckled and said hey, don’t get embarrassed. It is alright with me. He said I think it is cool to have a gay man like you next door. He said the previous tenant who lived there, was a party animal and had girls coming and going at all hours of the day and night. He said it was quieter with us living there, unless my roommate was out of town then he said I could be a little…….he laughed and smiled and said I hope we can be really great friends.

He said he had to get going, but he would come over later. He said are you sure you and your roommate are just friends and you don’t have sex with him. With all that porn you must be over sexed. Before I could answer, he smiled and said just kidding. I know you two are just friends. That is why when he is gone you tend to entertain, right? I did not answer him. He knew the answer already. He said have a good day and would see me later.

I was a little mad and very horny. I decided to put everything away and fix dinner and watch a movie or……

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