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Every time we saw each other he would smile, say hello, and wink at me. On occasions I thought that I would see him grab his crotch and rub as we passed. This went on for about a couple of months but we got to know each other’s name and would engage in small talk until one day when my roommate was gone for the weekend and I was in the 2nd floor laundry room.

It was about 1 a.m. and I could not sleep so I decided to get a jump on laundry since the room only had two washers and two dryers for 22 apartments and it was always busy except late nights. So I got dressed in sweats and sweatshirt, gathered my laundry up and walked down to the 2nd floor and around the corner into the laundry room. I noticed that someone else had the same idea as I had except that person was only using one washer and dryer. I loaded the other washer up and left and went back into my apartment and set the timer for 35 minutes when my washer would be done. I turned TV on and sat in the chair until the timer went off.

When the timer went off I headed back down, but this time I noticed that my neighbor’s door was open a little. I looked around and did not see him, so I shook my head and headed downstairs. As I opened the laundry room door, I gasped at the sight. Here was my neighbor, buck naked putting his clothes into the dryer. When he heard me he stood up and said Hello and said you could not sleep either. All I good do was nod. I was speechless I just could not help myself. I just kept staring at his body and more importantly his cock. I mean he was soft, but he just hung so low between his legs that I swear it must have gone to his knees. (Let me describe him: He was a true blond, blue eyed, thin build, firm body but not overly toned, natural hairless chest, but lots of blond fur on his legs and pubes and underarms and arm hair.) I must have turned a little red and I really wanted to stop staring at his body and cock, but I could not seem too. He asked if I was okay and I all I good do was nod. I finally found the strength to look up and saw him grinning as I stumbled over to my washer and stood in front of it trying to get myself to raise the lid and unload it.

He kept talking and moving around and every time he moved his cock would swing back and forth and side to side. I then realized why his door was open upstairs and then cleared my throat and whispered that he his front door was still opened and he laughed and said yes he knew. He wanted to wash all of his clothes and since he had no pockets to put his key in he would just leave his door open. I finished putting my clothes in the dryer and put out another load. As I was getting ready to leave, he grabbed my shoulder and asked me what I thought. I said about what. He laughed really loud which echoed a little in the room and said you know. What do you think of my body? I said that it was very nice. He laughed and asked did I find his body as sexy as the Hispanic stud that came by a few months ago. I must have turned really red as I he told me not to get embarrassed and that it was okay. He told me that he knew when I moved in that I was gay. He said that he was straight, but admitted that he would get a little horny and turned on when he heard me have sex in my living room. He said that I must really love sex and must need it often and must be lonely and in need when my roommate was out of town which was often due to a family member being ill and dying. I got a little short with him and said my friend and I are just roommates and nothing more. We are just friends and that we had been best friends for years and that we both just moved down to Denver from Billings to begin new jobs and since we did not know anyone in the area, we thought if we both moved down then we would not be lonely. He looked at me and said that was cool. He had lived in Denver for a couple of years and he said it is really hard to meet people and that most people in the building don’t talk to each other. He told me that I looked like a nice guy and that he really wanted to get to know me better.

We both walked up the stairs and as he was walking into his apartment and he turned and asked me if I wanted to come in. I said not right now, perhaps later. Then he said that I never answered his question about his body and cock. I blushed and said I think you already know the answer to that question. He smiled and nodded and said he did. He said he really wanted me to come over and visit him later or perhaps he could stop by and later. I murmured yes and quickly went inside of my place.

While waiting for the timer to go off I popped in a porn movie and jacked off and fantasized about being with my neighbor and wondering if I could deep throat his huge cock.

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