James Part I  

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10/28/2005 12:59 pm

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James Part I

Jim was a straight friend of mine that was married to a woman that acted and looked just like a Barbie doll. He was getting frustrated over his 20 year marriage to her and the lack of sex he was getting from her. He told me one night that he was so horny that he jacked off his cock and came all over her hair brushes and dressing table and left it there for her to clean up. He was hoping that she would get the hint, but she just was not in the mood anymore.

Jim was 6’2” tall, weighed around 200, solid muscle (he was a construction worker), tattoos solid on each arm, goatee, blond, and chest was hairless except around the nipple. When he would get a few beers in him he would brag about how well endowed he was and how he could cum 4 times in a row while having sex.

Well one day he called me and asked if I would go to dinner with him at Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus that he had to talk to me. I said sure and he said he would pick me up at my home around 6:30 p.m. He wanted to go home, shower, and get dressed up for me.

He arrived at just before 6:30 p.m. and we headed to the restaurant. As we were driving he asked me what I thought of his attire and his cologne. I had to fight really hard from saying the gay words of I love it and he smelled really hot. Instead I said that he looked extremely handsome, but that he always did no matter what he was wearing and that I liked his cologne very much. He said good that he wore it specially for me.

Once we were seated he ordered a drink for both of us while we were deciding on what to order for dinner. After we had ordered our dinner he leaned back and said that Julie (his wife) had not even touched him for the last 6 months and that he really needed to get off and have sex. He said that he really wanted a blow job. Julie had quit sucking his cock several years before because he was too big for her mouth and that she did not like the taste of cum and hated it when he shot all over her mouth, in her hair, and on her breasts. He said that he missed getting blown and that he loved to shoot his load into a willing mouth and on the face and so what if it got in the hair. He was a man and she was a woman and she should satisfy him no matter what.

After our second drink came, he downed it quick and then asked me if I put out for sex or do I withhold it and come up with some lousy excuse as to why I was not in the mood. I turned red and said that that is really private. He said as he ordered another drink, that he knew it was and was sorry for embarrassing me, but he really wanted to know. I paused and looked at him and said that I believe that all men to have sex often. I stated that I have never turned down my date or partner for sex. I gladly give it up to him anytime and anywhere. He then asked to I blow and go all the way. I chuckled and nodded and said yes that I love to give head and if he meant to I allow the man to cum in my mouth and I swallow….well the answer was yes….. He grinned and raised his glass to me and said that he was proud of me for saying that. He then said he had to take a leak and invited me with him. I hesitated and then finally he said that he wanted me to come with him.

We walked into the restroom and two men were leaving and we both stood at the urinal and he unzipped and hauled out a long soft thick piece of meat and started to piss. He asked me what I thought as he asked me to look at his dong. He asked me if it was impressive and if I liked it. I said that it was a great cock and that I was fascinated at the thickness and the length of it being soft. He said that soft it hung naturally at 7 inches long and when it got hard it was closer to nine and that he could stay hard for hours and could cum and cum. He asked me if I wanted to touch it, but before I could we both heard the door open so he quickly stuffed it into his pants and said soon.

We went back to our table and ate dinner and after we finished our 6th drink, he said he had to take a leak again. This time I followed him without saying a word. As he was done it shook it at me and said lets go. We paid the bill and as we were walking back to his truck he asked me if I really blew a guy anytime and anywhere. I said yes. I said he would be surprised as to where I had sucked cock. He asked me if I ever sucked dick in car or truck and I smiled and said many times. That was one nice thing about giving head it really could be done anywhere.

We got into his truck and he put the key into the ignition and asked me if I would be interested in having sex with him and touching him and giving him head. I said sure and asked him when and he said now. He unzipped his pants and took out his hardening cock. I reached out and touched it and stroked it and it immediately got hard and he said he loved my touch. It was better than Julie’s. I leaned over and licked and kissed the head as he let out a loud moan and as I took about half of his shaft into my mouth and began bobbin my head up and down he said that he was going to shoot and before it got it all out I felt a thick hot load of cum fill my mouth and I had to swallow it fast because it was going to over flow and out of my mouth. He ejaculated over 7 times and I swallowed twice before he stopped cumming. As I was pulling my mouth off his cock I was able to swallow the third time and actually taste his cum. It tasted bitter but a little nutty.

After I leaned up and wiped my mouth with my fingers he said that he was sorry for cumming so fast that he was extremely horny and that when he felt my hot mouth engulf his cock like no other he just had to shoot. I laughed and said that that was fine and that I was flattered that he got off so quick and that I loved his cum. He asked me if I really did and I said yes. It was a little bitter, but nutty tasting and it turned me on. I said that I loved how his cock felt in my mouth and loved the way it the thickness stretched my lips and jaw and mouth. He said thank you that no one has ever commented on his cock and cum and he really loved hearing me talk about his cock and cum.

He started the truck with his cock still out and he proceeded to drive me to my home. I reached out and touched it a few times and he was right he could stay hard and it was rock hard. One of the times he pushed my hand away and said that I was naughty and that if I kept it up he would shoot all over my hand. I said I would love that. He said really? I said yes…really.

He pulled into my drive way and asked me if he could come in for a few. I said sure provided that he could zip up. I did not want my neighbors to see his huge cock hanging out.

Once we were inside of my home, he grabbed me and hugged tighter than he had ever in the past and asked if I would play with him some more. If I did not then he would have blue balls and he knew that Julie would not put out. I said sure and we headed into my bedroom where he stripped naked and crawled into bed. I reached out to touch his chest and nipples and he moaned and said yes that he loved that. He asked me if I would suck his nipples so I leaned over and began sucking his nipples and he squirmed and moaned with pleasure and then I raised his arms up and began to tongue pits and that really pushed him over the edge and he screamed with pleasure and kept moaning and groaning and saying yes that he loved that. After I took a short break and stroked his chest before letting my hand go to his cock and balls he said that no one ever did that to him before and he loved it. I told him I was glad and I proceeded to take his cock into my mouth for the 2nd time that night and that this time I deep throated his full 9 inch hard cut cock and buried my face in his hairy pubes and sucked and then proceeded to go up and down and each time I went down I deep throated him and would keep him there and after a few minutes I felt his cock pulsate between my lips and I greedily sucked harder and let his warm liquid go directly down my throat. I swear this load was just as large as the earlier one.

After he came I kept his cock in my mouth until he pushed my head off and breathed a very heavy sigh of relief and pleasure and told me that he had never felt anything like this before and that I truly gave him the best head and pleasure sexually that he had ever felt.

For a straight guy, he hugged me tight and let me cuddle with him and stroke his chest and nipples and we talked for a while. He noticed that it was getting late and he needed to get home. He asked me if we could do this again soon and I told him yes.

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