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I chatted with Hector in a chat room for about two weeks before I agreed to have him meet me. We emailed daily and he even sent me flowers with a romantic card. He said that he wanted to treat me like a straight man would treat a classy lady.

I worked in NW Denver and he lived in Arvada and so we agreed to meet at my office after hours. He told me that he wanted to meet me so that we could make out and then he wanted to plan a romantic dinner for the two of us for my 40th birthday and then spend the night with me and to make love for hours. He said that he knew how to be gentle and how to fuck a virgin and he said that I would enjoy him, but he would wait to fuck me on our special night.

With that clear I invited him over at my workplace. He arrived and he was a tall, muscular, very masculine, bearded and chest hair pouring over the top of his unbutton shirt. As I closed the door he hugged me and kissed me long and hard for several minutes before we both staggered over to the couch in the lobby.

As we both sat on the couch we kissed again as I unbuttoned his shirt and caressed my chest and nipples like a woman’s breasts and he unbuttoned my shirt and then caressed my nipples again and then leaned in and licked and kissed my right nipple before gently sucking on it. As he did this I let out a very loud moan and groan and pulled his head tight against my chest.

After a few minutes I pushed him off and rubbed his hairy chest and kissed and sucked on his hairy nipples before I raised his arms up over his head and tongued his armpits which then he let out a loud scream of passion and told he that no one ever did this to him and pushed my face deeper into his pits. I sucked, licked and tongued both of them before I kissed his neck and then kissed his lips lightly as I began a slow descent downward across his hairy chest and then down to his belly button before I undid his pants and reached in to take out an extremely thick uncut cock that was buried in thick, luxurious pubic hair. I took his hard cock in my mouth and went down quickly and took about three quarters of his shaft down my throat and began to suck and he moaned and groaned and loved the way my mouth felt.

As I was blowing him he squirmed around so that he could rub my hips and then stuck his finger down the back of my slacks until he found my virgin hole where he proceeded to rub the hole and stick one finger inside and then started finger fucking me which really gets me hot and excited. That with a cock in my mouth at the same time is Wonderful.

He pushed me off his cock, pushed me on the couch and slid my pants and shorts off and then raised my legs in the air and quickly ducked down and began licking my hole and tonguing it and then put a finger in and fuck me for a few and then lick me again. He had me moaning and groaning and he said that my man pussy was sweet and tight and that he could hardly wait to fuck me for the first time. He said that once he fucked me that I would never want another man except him to fuck me. He wanted to fuck me bareback and to cum in my ass and try to get me pregnant.

He stopped rimming and finger fucking me and leaned back and pulled me to him kissing long and harder than before. He then pushed me hard into his cock and told me to suck his cock. He had to have my mouth on his cock and balls. After a few minutes of me doing this he pushed me back raised my legs and began tonguing and finger fucking me again which just made me squirm and moan all over the place. He put his cock near my hole and started rubbing the hole and then before I had a chance to say anything he tried to shove his hard 7.5 inch uncut cock in, but I tensed up and he said relax that I was a slut and that he knew that I wanted it really bad and that he was going to have it tonight and forget about the romantic dinner. He just had to have me NOW.

I screamed a little and begged him not to fuck me as I was not ready and relaxed and he laughed and said that I was going to. Because he was having a hard time staying hard since I would not open the hole enough for him to fuck me he yelled at me for being a cock tease and he shoved his cock into my mouth and fucked my face and as he was just about to cum he pulled out and put his cock hear my hole where I felt his hot cum explode all over my hole and ass cheeks.

After he was done, he collapsed on my still rock hard cock and kissed me and then slapped my face and said that I was nothing more than a cock tease who would lure men in with the fact that my hole was a virgin hole and then get a man all hot and bothered and as soon as a man was ready to fuck me I chickened out and played the role of not ready to get fucked. He stood up and while he was dressing I reminded him of our conversation and that he promised to be gentle. He said that he made that up because he wanted a piece of white ass and he would promise anything just to get it. He said that if he had had more time he would have just fucked me whether or not I wanted it. He told me to call him once I got over myself and ready to really give it up and he would gladly bend me over and fuck me good and hard. He said that is what all faggots want.

I was in shock as he walked out of the door. I really would love to have a man fuck me for the first time, but I want to wait and feel comfortable with the man before I allow him to fuck me.

Tell me……Am I a cock tease?

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