1993 One Night Stand  

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10/15/2005 6:45 pm

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1993 One Night Stand

My boyfriend, Tony, of 9 months and I took a day trip to Sheridan, Wyoming and I thought we were having a great time together. We held hands on the drive and I rubbed his thigh, which I knew automatically got him hot and hard. In fact I had gotten him so horny that we had to stop at the Sheridan Rest Stop and park in the parking lot so he could haul out his cock (which was only around 4 inches hard, but I did not care as I loved the fact that it was easy to deep throat and loved the taste, texture and feeling of his cock, not to mention that his cum was really sweet and tasty and he was extremely hairy all over and I loved all of his body hair) for me to suck him. I leaned over and took all of his cock into my mouth and kept it deep and as usual he shot within minutes and dumped a huge load of cum. I licked Tony clean and he zipped back up and we headed back into town for breakfast and some window shopping.

Once we got home to our place I asked him what he would like for dinner. He just looked at me and said we need to talk. He told me that he loved the way that I was always ready to have sex with him and that he really enjoyed the way I sucked cock and that no man ever had sucked him the way I do. But he told me he was not in love with me anymore and that he wanted to end our relationship. He said that he had met a very young blond guy (I was 30 years old and Tony was 36) who had just turned 18 and really made him feel extremely young. But Tony still wanted us to be friends and also for me to be available to meet him often and provide oral service to him as the kid did not blow him at all because his cock was too small, but Tony said that the kid was so hot, smooth all over, huge cock and that he would fuck Tony for hours in the ass and fill him with hot cum. So he asked if I would service him orally. He knew that I loved cock and that I could not get enough cock in my mouth and that I was always ready to blow him anytime and anywhere.

I looked at him and told him to go to hell that I was not some slut that he could use for his dick because the kid did not blow. I went into the bedroom and grabbed my suitcase and some clothes and stormed out or the apartment. Tony ran out to the parking lot to catch me but I was too fast for him to stop.

I decided to check into the Billings Sheridan Hotel in downtown. I got a suite for a couple of nights while I sorted things out. I order room service, took a shower, and dressed while I was waiting for the food to arrive. After I had eaten, I got ready for bed and turned the TV on, but could not get the feelings to settle down. How could Tony do this to me? He had been seeing the kid for the last 6 months of our relationship.

I decided to get dressed and go for a walk. As I was walking I ended up at the local bookstore called the Adult Place. I went in and got some tokens and went into the back room and went into a booth and watched porno. Half way through the movie a very hot guy opened my door and asked if I minded him sharing. I said no that I did not mind. He came in, locked the door and stepped up to me and leaned into me, grabbed my face with his hands and gave me a long tongue filled kiss that made me melt.

He broke our kiss and said that he had seen me walk down the street from the window from the bar that was at the other corner and I looked really hot and sad and he thought maybe he could help me out. I told him that my boyfriend broke up with me and he said he was sorry and that he could make me feel better. He kissed me again and this time his hand found his way down my shirt to my very sensitive nipples and he caressed them.

I told him that I was not sure and he said relax and let him be with me. We both walked back to my hotel room and as soon as the door was shut we sat down and began to make out and slowly undress each other. He stroked my chest and nipples and arms as we kissed and then he stood up and finished undressing showing me what a beautiful body he had. He was extremely hairy, facial hair, extremely bushy pubic hair and a nice hard cock that was sticking straight out just wanting me to suck him.

He led me over to my bed and we crawled in and he pulled me close and then pushed my head all over his hairy chest so that I could lick, suck, and caress his nipples. I tongued all over his chest and stomach and belly button. I even tongued his arm pits. Then I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking him. It was a little difficult for me due to the fact that I was out of practice taking larger cocks since I got used to Tony’s 4 inch hard cock, but gradually I was able to finally deep throat his 6.5 inch cock and he moaned and I felt his cock pulsate and before I knew shot a huge load down my throat. He came so hard and fast that it just poured down my throat so I was not able to taste it to see if it sweet or sour.

After he came he pulled me up fast and hard and rolled me on my back and kissed me long and hard before licking my nipples and caressing them with his hands. He gently stroked my hard throbbing cock before turning me over and spooning me. I felt his cock getting hard against my ass as he was nuzzling my neck and kissing the back of my neck and shoulders all the while rubbing his hands all over my back. At the same time his cock kept getting harder and harder and he would gently hump me.

He knew that he was pleasuring me as I was moaning and groaning with pleasure. He told me that I was hot and that he was glad that I was enjoying myself and that he wanted me to feel more and pleasure. He asked if it was okay that his cock was rubbing my ass crack and I said yes that it was and that it was turning me on. He said that he would love to fuck me, but he did have a lover who was out of town and he wanted to be faithful and to him by not fucking another guy in the ass. I told him that that was fine as I was still a virgin and was not ready to try to have another man fuck me. He commented on my hole being extremely tight and that he would love to do nothing better than to fuck me and show me the pleasure of getting fucked by another man. He said he would cause me no pain. Before I could say anything back to him, I felt slight pleasure between my ass cheeks and an extreme waive of emotions and pleasure take me over. After a few minutes, he whispered in my ear did I enjoy that. All I could do was moan to him. He said now you know why I have a lover and that is why he is always ready to have sex with me. I managed to get a yes out before he snuggled close to me, reached over with his hand and proceeded to jack me off. It did not take long for me to cum and I shot a huge load and was totally exhausted.

I feel asleep with his hairy chest against my back and his hand on my cock.

When I awoke in the morning he was gone and there was a note on his pillow thanking me for a very hot time and that he hoped that I was pleasured and satisfied by him. He said that he wanted to fuck me really bad and to make love to me all night and possibly forever, but he felt that he needed to leave before he did much more than he had already done to me.

I was a bit depressed and saddened as I really liked him in bed. To this day I still don’t know what the powerful sensation or emotions that I felt between my ass cheeks were. I don’t know if he penetrated me or not. At times I think he did and other times I think perhaps he had an orgasm while he was humping me. I guess I will never know.

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