The Perfect Moment  

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12/15/2005 10:38 pm

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The Perfect Moment

How many of you have had that perfect experience? How many of you havent? What would be your idea of that perfect experience with another couple? We have endured a couple of wonderful experiences. The night starts out slow and everyones nerveousness starts to slowy dim. As the passion begins so does the heat of that very moment. soft kisses begin, as hands start to wonder. As for me my favorite part is always the taste of the other woman. i have been bi for yrs and its always so exciting to be with a woman. The heat at that moment is unthinkable. I can always feel my husbands eyes gazing upon us. He and the other man begin to join. My husband comes to join me in the taste and we kiss he then takes over. As I begin with the other partner I glance over to see my husband in such am I. The sexiest thing I have ever seen is to glance over at the very moment. Our eyes meet and we give qucick smiles of enjoyment. The heat continues....I am in such extasy my body begins to quiver. As for the rest of that exciting moment...well....thats my lil secret kept for my own daydreams. So I ask again what is YOUR idea of the perfect moment?
these are my exciting thoughts....whats yours?

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12/21/2005 7:14 am

The Perrrfect moment. When it just..... "Clicks". I only been in a few GB's and mostly 3somes. But the idea meeting is one where everyone is comfortable and relaxed, a little petting and alot of sex. Cant say much more than that. Well, I could but I wont. Lets start off slow first, then we will Swing for the fenses..!

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