How creative do you get in bed?  

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1/26/2006 11:54 pm

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How creative do you get in bed?

k guys we love to try new things in the bedroom so stay with me ok....

I like to read different posts on this site. It is very interesting to me to see that there are others enjoying the same things as us or learning stuff we havent even heard of yet. I read a post about a diff way to give oral. The post said to try a cough drop while giving "THE GIFT". So last night i took a cough drop in my mouth and began to please my husband. Oh it was so exciting to see his reaction as i did this. every few seconds after sucking i would blow on his penis. He told me it felt really good and that it tingled. I did this until the cough drop was almost gone....basically until i couldnt control where the cough drop was in my mouth. (didnt want to chance choking on the wrong thing) hehe Oh it was wonderful. My husband thouroughly enjoyed this. There was only one problem lol about a minuet before i stopped with the cough drop he sorta went numb. K it sounds funny right? maybe it is....
I was just wondering has anyone else tried this?
Is there anything anyone else has tried from an oral perspective?
and lastly would you try this?
I would suggest trying it BUT limit how long you do it for. It can be VERY pleasing.

How Creative do you get in bed? How creative WOULD you get in bed?

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