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3/1/2006 7:37 pm

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what guidelines do you go by when meeting playmates? Has anyone ever tried to sway you on your guidelines?
What would you do if someone did?

Out guidelines to swinging:
1. Always use protection. It is a MUST.

2. Always respect boundaries.

3. Always make sure comfort level is at it's highest.

4. No means no.

5. Communication.

6. Always have fun and make sure playmates are too.

7. Never break our rules or the rules of others.

8. Respect.

9. Swinging is a fun experience. Never take it any further than friendship or let others try to do so with you.

10. NEVER say never lol

We have had someone try to sway one of us on one of our rules. This same couple tried to break each others rules. As you can imagine we lost respect and trust for these people. Protection is a MUST with us no matter how good of a friend one is or how long we have known a person. We had one person of a couple try to ask one of us to do this without protection. after this scenareo was over we spoke with the other member of this couple. When the accused was confronted they completely denied it. since this we have had absolutely no contact with this couple. Has any such thing happened to anyone else? What did you do? What would you do? any and all thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

rm_coathanger1 48M
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3/1/2006 8:27 pm

It sounds like you did the right thing to me. I'm sure we would do the same. Every couple has their rules and they must be resected by all, including the couple who sets the rules.


sexedcravednemph 35M/31F
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3/2/2006 1:48 am

coathanger- welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by. We appreciate your comment

sexedcravednemph 35M/31F
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3/3/2006 12:04 am

wordsmith- Thank you for your cheeky post. OOps you said NEVER! Bend over so you can get your punishment. ?* On a serious note thank you for stopping by and posting in my blogworld. Stop by again any time.

neotrio 41M/38F
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3/5/2006 3:43 pm

sorry about your encounter. you ask if anyone has or could sway us in our rules/guidelines, well...they are more like guidelines, since everyone's ideas are different. sometimes you might have to tweak them a little but there are some basic rules that are carved in stone for example: use of protection and respect, actually i think RESPECT pretty much encompasses it all.

sexedcravednemph 35M/31F
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3/5/2006 5:54 pm

Neo- Hi sweety. No one could sway us on our important guidelines either. I say respect and always use protection are our most important rules. Those 2 rules could never be broken. Respect sorta replicates all other rules. You know like the rules of the other couples, comfort levels, and no means no. That was our first encounter of such disrespect. Thank you for stopping by sweety. Kisses to ya MUahh

rm_zahuma2 50M
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3/8/2006 8:40 am

You are a bright minded person.
making love means nothing to me unless both mates respect each other.
By the way you are pretty.

Regards & Best Wishes

sexedcravednemph 35M/31F
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3/8/2006 2:48 pm

Thank you for stopping by myblogworld. and thanks for the compliment.
Best wishes to you as well

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3/24/2006 10:14 pm


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