A beautiful woman doesn't equal a good woman  

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1/14/2006 9:09 pm

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A beautiful woman doesn't equal a good woman

Today I had a run in with a gorgeous knockout from my past today. She was one of the girls from high school in the chic that was offlimits to a guy like me, because I apparently only fell in the middle bracket of income. That still didn't mean that she wasn't a knockout though.
So when I saw her today on the street I had to say hello. How many times do you get a chance to say something to someone from your past? We talked to each other for about five minutes. Her hair blew softly in the breeze that was kicking up and her body had gained a few wear and tear marks from a child that she was tagging along, but still was damn exquisite.
This wasn't just a hi how are you kind of thing...it actually went somewhere in the conversation until it suddenly turned into the direction that we all fear... religion.
Within moments the fire that was fueling the rage of desires within me were squelched like a campfire meeting a water tanker. She asked the absurd question, "Are you a follower of Jesus?" Crap. what the hell answer can I give. say yes and be damned to another missed opportunity or say no and subject to a lengthy dissertation about why I am wasting my life. Things were not going good. So I stuck to my guns and gave as staight an answer that I could...
"Sorry, but I can't say that I am, but that is something that i tend to keep private anyway. Say... look at the bird over there!"
The conversation dried up and I was left there for a moment cursing my many years following Biology in exchange for a night with her. But a new light shone down on my predictament when I came to realize that any woman not able to accept me beliefs and all for a night or many more most likely would end up on the short end of my temper before too long and I would hit the road.

And she still whistled through her teeth.

With a smile, I pulled my coat a little tighter against my chest and zipped it up a notch and began to walk away head up high, looking up at the birds.

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