He fucked me in front of his wife  

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He fucked me in front of his wife

It was a summer when the couple arrived at our neighborhood. They purchased a home there. The guy was in his late forties and his wife was is her late thirties. The guy was really handsome and sexy with a good body and his wife was also beautiful. They didn’t socialize much in the area.

I was attracted to them like a number of other people. Many people tried to befriend them but they, though maintained normal courtesy, didn’t get much involved in the society. At this juncture I met them.

At first I met the guy and was impressed. I got two more opportunity to meet him and within one month I began to dream of him. My homosexual self started to thrive. Even, I masturbated quite a few times imagining myself in bed with him. Whenever I was free I imagined about him.

But he was married so he was supposed to be straight. Hence there is no scope of such thing. It was difficult but I was trying hard to make myself understand to keep cool.

One day, the postman delivered an envelope to my address. The letter was in their name but their door was locked. So I received it. At the evening after they returned, I delivered it to his wife’s hand.
The next day, I received a call from them. He called me up and told me that I have delivered a wrong packed to them. I was surprised, but discovered that I really have delivered a wrong packet, by mistake. I took the right packet and reached at their door in the evening.

They welcomed me and showed me which packet I delivered last evening. It was that packet where I kept an adult magazine for homosexual men. In that envelope, there were some photographs of him that I had taken without informing him.

“Are you a gay?”---He asked me.

“I am a bisexual.”---I replied.

“See, I told you that”---His wife said to him.

“I didn’t understand”---I said.

“Jack is also a bisexual. He is very much attracted to you. He feels you are a sexy boy.”----She said to me.

I was dumbfounded.

“Do you like me?”-----He asked me.

I hesitated. Then he told me---“You are worried about my wife, no? Don’t worry. She doesn’t have any objection about my sleeping with boys. In fact, she enjoys it. We have done it before.”

I looked at his wife. She nodded with a smile.

“I had a talk to her about you. I wasn’t sure that you were a homosexual. But she realized it and told me that you will be good for me.”----He said.

“I am sure you like me. The photos prove it. What do you feel? Will you be with me tomorrow night? But remember she will be present there and everything will happen in front of her.”

It seemed a bit weird that he wanted to fuck me in presence of his wife. But anyway, such proposal was unexpected to me. I was more than ready for this.

“Have you ever done it before?”---He asked me.

“Yes, I did before and I will be here tomorrow night.”---I said.

They next day I took the entire day preparing for the night. I douched myself, rubbed baby oil on my skin, and took a nice bath. Then I shaved properly and applied after-shave lotion. After that, I applied lotion on my entire body. Then I dressed up and arrived at their place at 8 o’clock in the evening.

The lighting and the music they chose, made me very horny. He was looking extremely sexy and handsome. We were having chat after dinner. At 10 o’clock, he stood up and came near me. He sat down at my side. I could see the enormous swelling under his pants. He suddenly put his hand on my groin and started to rub my tool. I was already horny and now I couldn’t resist any more.

“You are very sexy”----He hissed.

“Why don’t you guys start the game?”----His wife asked.

We started indeed. At first he kissed me on the lips. This kiss was really forceful and made me mad. Then he slowly kissed my neck, cheeks, ears, eyes, and nose. Generally, he went down and kissed my male boobs and nipples.

After two hours, we were lying on the bed. We were completely naked. His wife was sitting on the sofa and she was squeezing her own boobs. I was lying on my back and he was on me sucking my nipples. After few minutes, he lied on his back and I started to give him a blowjob. He got an enormous dick. I sucked and licked it so good that he started to groan. I heightened his pleasure by licking his balls.

After a few hours, I was thriving and trembling in pleasure. He had heightened my pleasure to such a level that I, as if, lost all the strength. He licked and kissed my feet, navel and stomach and my butt and boobs. He gave me a stylish blowjob. But my ass was craving for the dick. Now I lied on the bed on my stomach and put a pillow under my hips making my ass slightly lifted. It seemed to him as if I was offering my ass. He asked me “are you ready”? “Yes”–I told. “I am going to fuck your ass hard.”---He said. “Yes! Fuck me like hell, please”---I said.

He entered me. That night he fucked my butt twice. Second time, he fucked me in standing position. I groaned like hell, thank God that the room was sound proof. My groaning made him more horny. He cummed for the third time inside my mouth. Finally, he sucked my dick and made me cum.

We were exhausted at 4 o’clock in the morning. His wife watched us and finally got completely nude and masturbated. Finally we three slept in each other’s arm. I got so pleasure that I slept like a baby after milk.

After a few days I met his wife and she told me with a smile that I gave her husband a better blowjob than her. Since then very often I had sex with the guy in presence of his wife.

HardCailisfive 77M

10/19/2005 5:37 pm

Well I had a similar experience about 30 yrs. ago, (1975)I was 36 yrs, Single. Having no nuts of my own, farm accident 1949, ten yrs old. I've had to get my hormones from men in the mouth or rectum.
There was a married couple in the neighborhood, I had talked to him a couple of times. Ted wanted to know how to pour concrete for a flower bed. So I answered most of his questions, went over with him to see what he wanted to do. The flower box he wanted to build would have been on city property so I told him he would have to build it 12 feet back from the sidewalk. He said "Thats not right" He took me up the street and showed me a flower box this other man had built on city property. Looked pretty good, but it was in the wrong place.
The other man came out of his house, Ted said, This man says your flowerbox is on city property, it's illegal to be there. This man say's "I own my property clear out to the drain line in the street."
I just said, Mr. I'm not going to fight with you, it's not worth it.
But you are on city property. The man then said "Well we know how you queers are, I've informed the whole block about you" I knew his body size, much bigger than I am, probably pound me right in the ground. So I backed off. I do have a black belt but I don't advertise it. Ted followed me back down the street to his house. Ted caught up with me and said are you gay? I wasn't sure whether he wanted to fight or what. Ted said "I'm Bisexual, my wife knows it but we haven't found anyone to have sex with." I said "Ted I consider myself to be bisexual too. My partner I had since 1952 to 1973. Aquired aids in 1973 and died in 1975. I don't have anybody to squirt me full of male hormones. But scared to go out because of the HIV & AIDS. So I have been doing without hormones, can't get it up without the hormones. But I ask Ted? Would you get an HIV test for me? I will for you too. NOW! Question, Ted! Would you back me up in court as to what he said he had told about me thru the neighboorhood.
I'm going to go see a lawyer I know and see what I can do about him.
I'm also going to call the Denver City Permit office and let them know what's going on about that flowerbox on City Property.
Ted say's I'll talk to my wife and get HIV tests for both of us in case you would like to have sex with her too. Why! Thank you, Ted I would like to see if I can still give a woman multiple orgasms with my tongue on her clitoris, and swab out her vagina with my tongue. You don't go deep in vagina but rub all around on the inside of her vagina opening, there's all kinds of nerves right there.
Well the City of Denver permit office has had a field day with that man. He tried to throw them off City Property, bodily, Good thing they had the Denver police there. As the Slander case was last week, I WON!! Some other neighboors are taking up suits for other things he did to them. My lawyer is very happy with all the business.
Ted, Jean his wife, and I have been having a ball with each other, I've got 7" cut, Jean is stretching my cock with her mouth, I'm strctching Ted's 8" cock with my mouth, we are both eating every clean hole in and on Jean, and the dirty one (Srubbed) of course. I can't pick out any one time as being better than what happened before. This went on and on for about five years, then Ted got a promotion he couldn't turn down. Ted and Jean are over in Hong Cong
Harbor, China. Every once in a while I get E-mail from there.
Hope they come back. Hardcailisfive

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