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9/10/2005 12:35 pm

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I cheated my g/f yesterday. She doesn't know that I am a bisexual. She believes that I am a straight guy. But I am never satishfied with a woman only. I need to be fucked by a guy, sometimes. I and my g/f are in Bangkok now on a pleasure trip. At the hotel I met a American guy whom I felt strong attraction to. He was a gay-top. We had chitchats for some days in absence of my g/f, then we decided to have sex. Yesterday, in the evening my g/f wanted to go to the mall with me. She had some important things to buy. At the last moment I feigned sickness and asked her to go alone. She disagreed at first but I managed to persuade her. She left around 1800 hr and came back around 2100. The guy fucked my ass twice that evening. Both of us were turned on. He got a huge erection seeing my butt and I was craving for his raw cock inside my ass. It felt fantastic inside me.

At first I was lying on my stomach with my ass slightly up so that he can enter me easily. He was so turned on seeing me in this posture that he alsmost started pounding inside me. I extremely enjoyed and screamed in pleasure.

After a few minutes, I was standing on the floor with my one leg on the chair and leaned forward so that my ass pushed backward. It gave him an impression that I am offering my ass to him. It turned him on so much that he fucked the hell out of me.

He left around 2045 and I was lying on the bed, exhausted. But I woke up and arranged the bed covers and pillows properly so that my g/f couldn't guess anything. she didn't. When she arrived I told her I would not remain awake and I would take sleeping pills because I was sick. She didn't object and I went to sleep.

Today moring I woke up fresh, fit and fine.

Wicked_Pleasures 49F

9/10/2005 2:27 pm

And how long have you been with your g/f? Shouldn't she know about your "double-life"? For a relationship to work you have to be honest with each other or it isnt a relationship it would only be lust.

sex_maniac_2day 40M
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9/10/2005 11:07 pm

It isn't a relationship. It is lust indeed.

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