True Story #1  

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1/19/2006 7:20 pm

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True Story #1

"Oh, how sweet", she said with a look that told me she was both touched and hesitant. It was the beginning of our second date and I had just handed her a singe long-stemmed red rose.

"I hope I am not being to forward," I said with a smile. "It is something I really felt like doing."

"Well, since you put it like that...." she said with a grin.

"Are you ready to go to dinner?", I asked.

"Yes, I am," she replied. And we were off.

The dinner went well. The food was good and the conversation even better. We talked and laughed. Even as she and I had been planning this date, we had agreed to go back to my place if things went well on our second outing. I had no reason to think it wouldn't considering how well our first date had gone. We were holding hands and kissing only hours into it. We even got some smiling approvals from a number of people as we sat on a park bench and made out a little.

I took her home and invited her inside. We sat down on the couch and watched a little television. I put my arm around her and pulled her close. I kissed her gently--barely brushing her lips with mine like I would if she were sleeping. I kissed her again, pulling her lower lip between my lips. She responded by kissing me back, just the slightest bit harder and with a bit more hunger. I took the hint and let my tongue just part her lips. Soon our lips and tongues were entertwined and my hands began to explore her still clothed body.

I stopped long enough to start taking off her top and she assisted with removing her bra. I massaged her breasts, kneading them (and NEEDING them!)letting my fingers flick across her nipples.

"My tits are SO sensitive", she whispered.

"Great," I breathed in response.

She watched with obvious anticipation as I moved my lips to her nipples. Her lips parted as I took one stiff nipple into my mouth. Her breathing quickened. She entwined her legs with mine to get closer to me--to feel me as I loved her. My lips and tongued danced on her nipples and areola. She ran her fingers through my hair.

"God, that feels SO good", she said. "Don't stop!"

Half an hour later, it was still all about the tits. She was down to wearing only her panties and I had some of my clothes off, but my jeans were still on and my rock hard erection was busting to get out! I wondered if she could cum from the nipple stimulation alone. For the first time, I let one finger slide past the waist band of her panties and into her pussy.

She was soaking wet! "God, you are SO wet!", I said.

"Yes!", she managed.

I stayed at her breasts for another ten minutes or so and I could stand it no more and told her so. I slipped her panties off her long slender legs and I took off my jeans. I dropped off the couch and into the floor. She lay back on the couch and I slipped my hands under her hips and pulled them to the edge of the couch. I spread her legs and positioned myself on the floor so that I was sitting between her legs with her pussy right there in front of me.

She looked down at me and as I slowly moved my tongue to her pussy, she tried to closer her legs. She was unsure about me going down on her. I could see the uncertainty on her face. It was a little hang-up I had expected, but I understood that she needed reassurance.

"I really want to do this", I said "Please don't hide your beauty from me."

She smiled and opened her legs wide once again. There before me was a beautiful little pussy, shaved but for a small inverted triangle of hair that started well above her clit. Her inner lips protruded slightly, like the dainty little petals of a beautiful flower. Then there was her little honey pot itself, opened slightly and revealing the glistening sweet honey inside. Just like Pooh Bear, I hungered for that sweet honey! I had to have it! I had to have her! I lowered my mouth to her little pink petals and took them inside my mouth, sucking on them. Then my tongue started its loving dance on her hard clit.......


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3/26/2006 10:49 pm

Please do not stop this is so erotic. I almost felt I was in the room with you and you wanted to make love to me.

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