my search continues  

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2/2/2006 8:14 pm

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my search continues

as most of u know i though i had found my soulmate well i lost her just when things were beginning 4 us.i vowed 2 continue my search and the search is still goin.i think all of us look 4 a soulmate at 1 point we all want 2 meet that 1 person we r destined 2 b w.some people find it some people don'tit is this reason i would like 2 share this poem i reminds us of what we dream is called a storybook romance.a storybook romance is everyones dream a shining knight on a fiery steed to rescue a maiden in distress with a pink satin bow sewn to her dress a magical palace is to be thier home after they have fallen madly in love on a bench made of stone romantic and elegant it may be but the truest love ever is between you and me me in my jacket behind the wheel of my car will come pick you up and take you to the park we dream of our palace not yet to be a 1 bedroom aprtment and a color t.v we may not have a palace or a pink satin bow but when you look at our faces you would never know.when i wrote this i was younger and in highschool dreaming about this 1 person,as i get older and learn more about myself i come up w this.a soulmate is not necessarily a 1 particular person cuz we are all human and we all have fears and sometimes those fears cause us 2 pull away from people we are meant 4 because we were hurt so bad b4 it makes it difficult 2 trust our hearts.i think everybody deserve 2b w the person that best fits what they are looking 4.i still believe she is out there n i'll continue 2 look 4 her and i want everybody who is looking 2 keep searching and never give up hope i haven't and u shouldn't goodbye 4 now

rm_imintoyou67 48F

2/8/2006 6:01 pm

She is out there and I think you know in your mind where exactly she is.....Keep smiling babe, things are about to get so much better for you..........kisses

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