The Three Most Embarrassing Times  

seveninchforyou 33M
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8/22/2006 9:05 am
The Three Most Embarrassing Times

At the time each happened, I confess that I thought all three were actually pretty funny. I'm sure there are more embarrassing stories out there, but I think mine are pretty funny.
The first isn't so much of an embarrassment as it was just a humorous happening. My first girlfriend had just had sex and we were in her bed, in her dorm room. We were both naked and under the covers, and she had her head on my shoulder and her body curled up against my side, and I was basking in the afterglow, thinking how much I loved her and how good things were right then and there... and then she farted. Not a giant, gross fart, but definitely a fart, a brief, warm breeze under the sheets. I laughed and teased her about it the next morning.
The second was a little worse. I was fucking my second girlfriend in her shower. I was humping her ass and had my hands on her crotch and we were both cussing loudly when we heard a knock at the bathroom door. One of her roommates had come home in the time since we'd begun and we didn't hear. I was all for keeping going until we finished and then just high-tailing it out of there, but my girlfriend said "Come in" before I could say anything. So there I was, inside of her while her roommate came in and meekly said "Sorry, I left my cell-phone in here" and then left again. My girlfriend said it wasn't a big deal, that each of her roommates had walked in on the other at least once.
But the all-time, never-to-be-topped King experience of getting caught for me has to be once when the Theatre Dept of the college I went to took their annual trip to a big Shakespeare Festival in Canada. My girlfriend and I at the time had slipped away from the group after we hung out at the bars for a while and gone to the room she was sharing with one of our mutual friends. Well, time I guess got away from us; we were both a little drunk, completely naked and pretty focused on the doggystyle we were in. She was facing the doorway on the bed and I was going at a pretty good rhythm behind her. I remember getting looking down at her ass and then slapping it lightly, then shutting my eyes and enjoying it for a second, and then, when I opened my eyes to make a grab for her hair, I saw that said mutual friend she was sharing the room with was in the doorway, cracking a smile. She muttered she was sorry and left, closing the door behind her. I mean, what the hell do you do in a situation like that? My girlfriend and I just laughed and kept going. It made the sex even a little better, really. But I don't think something'll be more jarring than getting caught totally naked in doggystle.
Going on my first night out on the town in quite a while tonight. Wish me luck.

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