Hopefully this is the beginning of something dirty.  

seveninchforyou 33M
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8/14/2006 6:39 pm
Hopefully this is the beginning of something dirty.

So, I'm your average well-meaning guy, I think. I'm very polite, borderline shy around people I don't know, so this is a bit of step for me into the unknown. Where I was was no longer kopasetic with my urges, though. I've indulged in being intellectual a lot in my life, and enjoyed every minute of it, but am ready to use the more base and primal parts of myself as well.
I didn't grow up in a sexually-repressive household or anything, but somehow it got ingrained in me that other people's needs are what are to be dealt with first, and then you can deal with yourself. Well, I think it's time to treat myself a bit better than I have been. Not that I'm looking to be a total selfish asshole. On the contrary, I'm very into giving, and one of my biggest turn-ons is going down on a woman for as long as she likes. I'm just looking for a little reciprocity, since my liking to be pleasing has been used against me in the past.
So, basically that's a high-brow way of saying I want to get laid, but, I wouldn't be on this site if I were getting laid regularly, would I? I feel like I have to a lot to give, and my appetite for receiving has been ignored for too long for my own sanity.
It's hard for me to say what I'd like or what I wouldn't like, since I don't have tons of experience. I'd think I'd be willing to do just about anything once or twice, as long as it was making her happy.
So, who knows if this will be read, but, if you want a nice guy in the Pittsburgh area who's got a dirty mind, the education to be creative, and the stored-up energy to enthusiastically implement any good ideas, let me know.

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