Feedback is cool  

seveninchforyou 33M
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8/16/2006 7:59 am
Feedback is cool

The site said that the picture of Fluffy wasn't acceptible. That made me a little sad. So just imagine that the picture of Fluffy the world-destroying puppy is still over there.
Getting feedback about things on here is great. I mean, this'll sound pretty lame I'm sure, but I haven't exactly had much of an avenue for expressing this part of myself. My first reply to a post on this Dirty Talk group got replied again to by a lady that seemed very interested in my description of how I'd go down on a waiting and eager lady. So that, I have to say, got me pretty hot. It's like being allowed to finally experience something you've gotten told forever is not necessarily dirty, but not to be out in the open.
Knowing that people read this is satisfying as well, though I have to say I'm sorry it's a little boring at the moment, limited to what I've done that's worked in the past and who I'd like to nail if I had the chance. I'll endeavor to have more real-world experiences to describe in the future.
Off I go to try my best not to notice how crotch-inflaming hot the lady in my show is.

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