Dirty, Fond Memories 6: Naked Party  

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9/2/2006 5:02 pm

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Dirty, Fond Memories 6: Naked Party

Another innocent date come and gone with my lady. More kissing, but nothing further with the hands. Perhaps this next time.
-- --
Once at a Naked Party, which I've written about in here before, I was with a group of people smoking up in one of our larger rooms. I didn't smoke any, and I'd kind of lost track of my first girlfriend for a bit. She was off in another room, I think with someone whose first Naked Party this was, trying to be super-friendly and ease any misgivings they were having.
The group I was with was mainly women, which of course was fine with me. Two were ladies I knew, another was a lady someone else in the house had invited, and there was another guy there. Now, at these parties, there was a bit of a throwing-out of the normal rules of etiquette. Due to the number and proximity of all the naked women, the guys that were there would get hard. At first, it was a pretty embarrassing thing; I mean, you didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable around you or anything. For a while, I was pretty self-conscious about it, but, this being my third or fourth one of these, I sort of just stopped at some point. I was there with 3 naked women and so I was pretty hard and everyone seemed okay with it. I and the group I was with were talking cordially, actually we were talking about my hard-on, if I recall correctly, well, hard-ons in general, the sizes of what the girls'd seen, what they liked best, etc.
My girlfriend came around the corner and saw me with the group and said to whoever she was with "Oh, I think I'd better mark my territory or he'll go crazy over there" and she came over and sat on my lap. We talked more and she talked about the dicks she'd seen, mine and her boyfriend before me in high school and then she smoked a little and, while one of the other ladies was talking about how she didn't like when her one partner had done this or that, my girlfriend shifted her weight on me and, hiding her one hand, began jerking me. So I didn't have much to say for a while; she teased me pretty badly and after she smoked again, got off of me and said "Sorry, we'll be back in a second". She actually grabbed my dick and led me by it across the room. I closed the sliding partition that (almost) cut off the room from this other part with the couch.
She'd teased me pretty badly for a while, and I wanted to go down on her, but she was in the mood to be the one in charge, so she shoved me on the couch and teased me more by going down on me for a long time, at least ten minutes. She did everything so achingly slow, I remember. Every time I thought I was going to come, she pop me out of her mouth and say, loudly, "Do you like that baby? Do like it when I suck you? I can make you come anytime I want." Obviously she was showing off for the people in the other room, I could hear them giggling at us and listening.
Eventually she got on top of me and started riding me, holding onto the back of the couch and coming pretty quickly, for her. I didn't have much stamina left, needless to say. I'm sure less than a minute after she came, I had to get her off of me before I came. I was a little worried when I saw we didn't have anything to clean up with but, confident girl she is, she went without a beat into the other room, where I heard a smattering of giggling and applause, and she came back a second later with tissues.
"You're my territory" she said. It was pretty amazingly attractive, I have to say.

singleguypgh7 44M

3/7/2007 5:59 pm

This is the first post I have seen about the naked parties. Please give me a link to the introductory post on this. Very interesting..since I went to such a conservative school, and this would NEVER have been considered.

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