Dirty, Fond Memories 3  

seveninchforyou 33M
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8/18/2006 8:40 am
Dirty, Fond Memories 3

I said I'd try and think of one of the better times that I had sex with my second girlfriend at college, the dancer. We were at a party and had gotten high, and I was walking her back to her room. I was coming down a bit, but she was still pretty high, and when she was like that, she was always pretty horny, so, while we were walking back, I used my hand as much as I could around her hip to tickle and cajole her into getting into the mood. When we stopped at her door, she knocked to see if her roommates were there, and they weren't so, so she brought me inside and we started kissing right away, sort of tossing off clothes as we went across the room to her bed.
I was naked by the time we got there, but she still had on the thong that she was wearing, and I can't fucking tell you how hot she was, her fit, toned legs and ass outlined by the little triangle of red at the top of her ass crack and the line around her hips. She sat on the edge of her bed and kissed the underside of my dickhead. We held eye contact as she ran her tongue all around the head, and then kissed it again, putting on the innocent, submissive face and asking me if I wanted to fuck her hard, if I wanted to ride her hard and fuck her ass.
She took off her thong and pulled me on top of her and I slid myself slowly into her; she whimpered and moaned in her high, girly squeak as I got as far in as I could and started humping her slowly. She brought her gorgeous legs up and hooked them around my ass, so I was wrapped up in her as I got a good rhythm in fucking her. She watched me and smiled and sometimes put on the "Oh, you're fucking me so good it hurts some, but the hurt is so good" face and kissed and nibbled my neck and ears. "Oh harder, harder" she said, so I took her legs and held them by the ankles up and then pulled them apart, spreading her wide and really shoving myself hard and firm into her. Her tits bounced and her legs squirmed a little, but I held her in place, feeling her wet insides grab and pull at me.
Since she was into being the fuckee it seemed, I said "Do you like my cock, baby?" and she whimpered out "Oh I love it, it's so big baby, I love it when you fuck me, please me fuck me hard." and I said "Let me see your ass. I want to fuck your ass". So I pulled out and she turned over and was on all fours in front of me, her legs spread wide open and her gorgeous ass arched up in the air. I ran my cock along her pussy and I said "You want me to ride you?" and she said "Oh, yes, please please ride me fucking hard." I kept running my dick up and down her pussy to make her beg for it and then, eventually, I gave her reward and went it and started fucking her hard from behind, slapping her ass sometimes and enjoying the squealing, chirping noises she made when I reached around and fingered her clit. Before too long it got to be too much, seeing her beautiful back, feeling the weight and muscle of her ass and the wetness and velevt of her walls, hearing her love yeilding to me, and I pulled out just a second before I came on her back and a little in her hair. We took a shower and I helped her clean it up before I left for my own room.
I miss college.

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