Creatively Filthy; What would you do?  

seveninchforyou 33M
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8/16/2006 8:11 pm
Creatively Filthy; What would you do?

I walk through the front door and see all the lights off. You lie on the bed in your flimsiest, dirtiest lingerie, with your heels on, waiting for me, rubbing your pussy. With the lights off, the setting sun sends shafts of red, yellow and purple dancing over your sexy legs in their nylons. You squirm on the bed, seeing me and anticipating all that I'm going to do to you. I walk slowly to you, taking in your gorgeous body, your beautiful face, your soft orgasmic curves outlined in the sharp black of your lingerie. I kiss you deeply, our tongues wrapping and swirling, and then I begin down your face. I lick the edge of your chin and then suck on the side of your neck, swirling my tongue around, sending steamy breath onto your skin, nibbling lightly with my teeth. I move down slowly to your collarbone, running my tongue along its entire length while I slowly undo your top and the first touch of my fingers to your tender tit-flesh causes you to jump and moan. As I breathe and suck and lick your chest, I knead your heavy warm tits and take your left nipple into my mouth, running my tongue around the edge of it, feeling it harden in my mouth, gently nibbling it, sucking it, and then moving on to the right, so you'll be all evened out and ready for what's coming next. Keeping my hands on your tits, playing with your nipples, I move down and lick down your stomach, your hips bucking and moving me down further. I take your legs in my arms and begin to slowly lick down the one, around your pussy, up the other thigh, and back down again, finally settling in you wet, warm pussy. I lick around your lips, flicking my tongue inside you, but not all the time, so that you don't know when to expect it. I take your clit onto my tongue and wrap my tongue around it, giving your clit a blowjob while I move my finger inside you. I start slow with one and hard with the other, and then I slowly switch, and then I build up speed with both, fucking you with my fingers and blowing your clit with my tongue until your back arches and you moan and scream your throaty orgasms over and over and beg me to stop. You pull me up and we kiss. My cock presses through my pants againt your leg and you move your hands to my belt...

So what would you do then?
Blow my mind.

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