Back in the Saddle  

seveninchforyou 33M
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9/5/2006 9:07 am
Back in the Saddle

Yes, it's true, the streak has been broken. The blonde lady that I met in the bar and I have gone on two more dates between my last post and now. She spent the night here last night, so, needless to say, I'm feeling a lot more relieved and relaxed than usual.
The sex was pretty good, but of course it was the first time we fucked, so we had the usual finding-out things to overcome before we got up and got serious into it.
It was endearing how nervous she was about getting eaten out; she said she'd only had it done to her a couple of times. She seemed to get over it quickly, though. She sat in one of my chairs and I went down on her with her legs over my shoulders. Her hands were in my hair most of time and she swore a lot when she came; I think she came twice while I was down there. After, I stood up and she sucked my dick for a while, but I was pretty ready to fuck her and didn't need much preparation.
So I did, doggy-style first for a while. I liked getting back into the pure animal feel of it, feeling her ass slap back into my groin and fingering her from behind. I put a lot of my weight on her at one point and held onto her tits while I pushed deeper into her and then got a steady, quick rhythm of fucking and the sounds of our groins slapping together mixed with the creaks of the bed.
I lasted longer than I thought I would have, it being the first time in a year or so. But I came, a lot, and then got rid of the condom and we went to sleep.
I woke up first and kissed her awake and, while she was just waking up, went back down on her and got her ready for me again. She smelled so amazing and I must have stayed down on her for at least 20 minutes or so before I started fucking again. This time she wrapped her legs around me and it was slow and pretty and more romantic for a while. I was able to look in her eyes and kiss her neck and her tits and she licked at my ear and whispered to me how much she liked it. When I got closer to coming I sped up and she whimpered lightly, enjoying it as her legs clutched at me.
After I pulled out and came, we took a shower together. I actually got hard again and fucked her from behind again for a short while, but sex three times in such a short amount of time limited how long that lasted considerably.
So, yes. .
Our next date is in a couple days.

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