Anticipating Not Anticipating  

seveninchforyou 33M
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8/27/2006 5:54 pm
Anticipating Not Anticipating

My next date with the blonde lady has been set for Tuesday evening. We're doing the whole traditional movie and dinner and walk in the park thing. I'm anticipating it, but trying not to anticipate anything, sex-wise. It makes for a difficult position to be in. I mean, getting a handjob from her last time was great and a surprise, and I think it might be a prelude for further steps towards regular sex, but I mean you can't plan for it and then have it not happen and be all pissy and blue-balled if/when it doesn't.
I've been in that position before a couple times and, for very good reasons, too exhausting a schedule, being on periods, whatever, my girlfriends have not wanted to do it and I was all pouty and whatnot. So I'm trying not to get that way...
But it's so freaking hard, you know? I wish there was some total release we all had at least once in a relationship. Like, a Bonus Card you got when you got into it with someone. You could play your Bonus Card anywhere, anytime and, no matter what, you had to fuck each others brains out. I mean, you could perform good deeds to gain another one. I think that'd make people a lot more considerate to each other.
But seriously, I imagine it must be even harder for women than it is for men. I mean, to a certain extent, men are expected to have the gigantic urges to fuck without any thought of the romantic intermediaries that everyone on the planet has, but women aren't. They're just supposed to not desire, I guess? Or at least not express it openly, or they're too loose or a slut or whatever dumbass thing society wants to label them as. I mean, we all want to fuck. We do. Everyone fucks; sometimes they make love, but more often they fuck. I mean, I've never heard a couple making love in the other room but I have heard other people fucking in the other room. We should all just let ourselves fuck and accept that we do and that it's good that we do and get over it. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here.
Tuesday... rrrggg. I am not anticipating, I am not anticipating...

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