The Trifecta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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3/8/2005 7:04 pm

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The Trifecta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had not been able to hook up with my married lady since I wrote my first blog. Between work schedules and me having the gunk we could not find the time. So we were both more than ready today when we got together for another HOT lunch. As soon as she came through the door, we were all over each other. We quickly moved to the bedroom, where we slowly and sensuosly removed each others clothing. We fell into the bed and after sucking on her hard nipples she quickly guided my hard cock into her pussy. I wanted this first time to last longer , so I would get to the brink of orgasm and then pull out. This happened a couple of times but I soon shot a load deep inside her as she came for the first time as well. I stayed hard, and after some deep kissing I was pounding her hard again. She turned over and we did it doggie style at an amazing pace for 10-15 minutes, and I was not even close to cumming again. After she had numerous orgasms I turned her over again and began another slow buildup, which again turned into a hard fuck. I felt myself beginnig to cum about a minute before exploding in her. By this time it's 45 minutes into the session and I've still got another 45 minutes before having to get back to the office. I'm thinking about taking third at this point. So we do the cuddling deal, and making small talk and kissing for 20 minutes. She turns away from me so we can spoon and I soon get hard again. I turn her over and we begin to fuck slowly. Normally it takes me a while to cum again if I make it to thirdsies, but soon after we begin, the orgasm begins to build, and build, and build, get the idea. I came so hard I almost passed out and reached the ultimate TRIFECTA within 1 hour and 20 minutes. They say a man reaches his sexual peak as a teenager, but there is NO WAY that is true. I am 44, and those 18 year old dudes having nothing on me in the sack. I know I could have gone for the grand slam if we'd had more time. When I got back to the office my boss asked me how my lunch was....and I said DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone should try a HOT lunch in their life at least once. ;o)

rm_hopingforu4 59F

4/15/2009 9:30 pm

Sounds like fun11

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