Discovery by accident  

servantofnaamah 34F
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1/1/2006 10:44 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Discovery by accident

Well, I've found out for certain now that I can handle hot wax being poured on me lol. That was totally by accident that I found this out.
Don't leave a candle unattended, unless you wanna find a huge pool of wax on your new glass coffee table. I panicked when I saw it and rushed over to blow out the flame; however I moved the candle too suddenly and spilt wax all over my hand and arm (and more on the table >_< ) but it surprised me as to how it felt. It didnt hurt like I thought it would, and I loved how it made a perfect mold of my skin.
Hahah, strange post after so long, but I thought it suitable for some reason.

WayneGrimyError 54
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1/1/2006 11:23 am

Now just imagine it being dripped on alther parts of your body....

like on your tits,imagine what then heat would do to your nipples,and after it cools abit and we peal it off and the cooler air hits your nipples.......... How would you like to try that?

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