The game goes on  

serialfucker_ke 39M
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7/27/2006 11:42 pm
The game goes on

The AdultFriendFinder game goes on everyday. But it is not really a game, because people fuck for real! And some people even "fall in love". Shit. On AdultFriendFinder? You must be kidding! But anyway, back to my point. You know it is funny that checking on AdultFriendFinder and my AdultFriendFinder yahoo e-mail (come on, everyone uses an avatar to chat on yahoo. Some even fake names, like me. I've always told chatters that my name is S. Well it indeed is I actually!) is part of my morning schedule when I get to the office. Just as I make coffee, check my office and personal e-mail, check on that dream car online etc.

So AdultFriendFinder has become a routine to me, and I sometimes do it as subconsciously as breathing. I know you are probably there too. AdultFriendFinder is part of your system so do you really wanna fight it and feel bad? So that was really an aside. What I wanted to share with you is that today I got an e-mail from one of my two almost fucks (remember the two I told you about yesterday?) was a forward actually. Some sexplicit forward. About some woman in a hotel tipping off the room service waiter with sex. Really got me horny that one.

You know we kind of just stopped chatting everyday. She suddenly went clean (deregistered from AdultFriendFinder). And stopped using messenger. But we still kept in touch on phone once in a while and by e-mail. I think she fucked some wacko. Because to be honest she was a really "nice" girl and didn't like anything other than straight sex. Heck, she even looked down upon 1-on-1 straight sex in a lodgo.

So today I have thrown a spanner in the works. I have invited her for a drink this evening. I wanna try and see if I can get to move her from "almost fucked" category to the "fucked" category. Of course you guys will be the first to know come monday morning, so check back here!

So wish me luck, and enjoy your weekends. I hope you do get lucky and get laid. It seems some people here really don't get laid. Pole sana folks but what can we conclude when you are perpetually horny in Africa room?

Happy chit-chatting, cheating, meeting and fucking folks.

MandingoFan 39M
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8/4/2006 8:34 am

So what happened? Did you eventually get a chance to fuck her?

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