AFF men's liberation movement  

serialfucker_ke 39M
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8/22/2006 4:45 am

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9/4/2006 9:11 am

AFF men's liberation movement

Hi guys. Hope your weekend was good and you’re refreshed after getting laid this weekend! I am refreshed, not as much sex as I’d have liked but I am ok. But always remember there’s always more to life than sex. So get out there and have fun with other AdultFriendFinder members, not necessarily just to fuck.

I’d like to get feedback from my female readers (I’m not trying to seduce you! But if you give me and you’re a supuu, I can’t say N. I tend to feel like my blog sounds chauvinistic at times. Is it? I also feel the tone of my topics is also skewed towards straight people, and 1-on-1 sex at that. So I think your blog needs as a gay, lesbian, couple or group might not be well addressed here (in addition to straight women as I already pointed out). Sorry for that but let me know if you want me to address anything for you.

So much effort in the outside world has been put into the women liberation movement. I think it was aimed at equal rights for women. After many years of work, now we can say women are as close to equal as men are. But of course there’s always room for improvement. I think I feel a drive to say something about having a “men’s liberation movement” on this site. I will tell you why shortly.

As much as part of the reason we require men’s liberation here is because of the attitude and behaviour of the female members, I think we as men are our own enemies to some extent (just as women were in the women’s lib movement). The reason is, sometimes we get just too horny, or have such high expectations that we forget to think logically. OK, yeah, she has a pussy which you want but does that mean you need to stoop low just to suck it and plunge our dicks inside (and I don’t mean the literal sucking)? Don’t you think the fact that she is on this site (just as you are) means she wants you as much as you want her?

Let me give you a case in point. You chat (in Africa room) with a “chic” and even after things seem to go well, she is adamant about going private. Why do you feel bad? Maybe all “she” wants is to chat in the room and is not serious about meeting. By all means, move on and stop chatting with her, don’t try to beg and beg (of course you can try to insist but then there is a difference between insisting and begging and you know it). Other point; a lady you’ve barely known other than by sms (mark you, you have not heard her voice so maybe she is not even female! ‒ and that is why I say we’re just too horny to think straight) asks you to send her airtime. Why the fuck would you go ahead and do it. And yes, I am talking about kinkyemma06 and shemale. You’re just plain stupid to do so. Third example, this “lady” insists that you send your photo before she can even do a basic chat (age, sex, location, where do you stay, what do you do etc). Now what business do you have sending your photo? Don’t you have an equal need to see her photo just as she does? What if she is ugly? Why would you agree to give her the upper hand? Is it just because she is doing you a favour by giving you some charity pussy? Case in point for this one is karinajoy.

Guys, whoever you are, you are not the beggar on the street. So please, don’t make any “chic” or chic make you feel like she is doing you a favour chatting with you, or meeting you. If she does not agree to chat with you or meet you, she is losing (a great guy) just as much as you’re probably losing (a good chic). So please stand with me and say NO to licking chic’s asses on this site. And for that, please name and shame any “chic” on this site who’s up to no good here so that the rest of us can avoid her. From what I have shared with other guys so far, my blacklist is below…

1. kinkyemma06kinkyemma06 ‒ possible male impersonator
2. Marymsa06marymsa06 ‒ same person as above?
3. karinajoy ‒ possible male impersonator (collector of photos)
4. funfuncandyfunfuncandy ‒ date bouncer
5. lucie20 ‒ date bouncer

Plase add your blacklists with people of either sex that are misbehaving and thus need shaming. But for now...Have a nice time chit-chatting, cheating, meeting and fucking folks.

rm_SoSexySoNice 51M
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8/22/2006 8:16 am

Go man go. We'll keep you updated

MandingoFan 39M
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8/24/2006 10:45 pm

Hehehehe... Perhaps we do need to consider setting up some sort of liberation movement for men. To liberate men from being mistreated by women on this site LOL. But then again, perhaps we bring it upon ourselves. There are far more men looking for women than there are women looking for men. The laws of supply and demand are straightforward, less supply more demand and when you have some men so desperate and horny that they would do anything to lay, then you have a problem.

Interesting to see your blackist. Though I wouldn't agree with you when it comes to karinajoy, I've chatted with her on several occassions and she's actually a pleasant person. So perhaps you caught her on a bad day.

Will keep watching, reading and enjoying. Have a great weekend!

serialfucker_ke 39M
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8/25/2006 12:51 am

Thanks MandingoFan and SoSexySoNice for your comments. My blacklist is not necessarily absolute. It stands to be corrected, but I am only willing to correct my stand if there is someone who can attest to having met the blacklisted people in person.

MandingoFan I do agree with you that the men far much outnumber the women. And the good real women who are open enough to live to this site's mantra (SEX) are even fewer.In a nutshell, what I tried to say is this. Keep the fact that the woman has an advantage in mind and by all means humble yourself. But don't let her use this to trample on you.

MandingoFan 39M
41 posts
8/29/2006 6:02 am

True... At the end of the day, one must not let him/herself be trampled on.

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