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serenepoet72 64F
8/18/2006 2:44 am
More Poetry

I have been on for just a few days and already people have asked when I will post some more poetry. I figured I would do so now. My style ranges, and I like to explore different styles and genres. I will post a few now that are varied. If anyone is interested in reading more just let me know. Thanks and enjoy.


He sits quietly in his foxhole,
his safe haven for the night.
Smelling the memories of loved ones
on the pieces of paper clenched tightly in his hand.

Bullets whizzing by his head
whispering his name ever so softly
just like the exotic seductresses in the last village
promising love for a buck..

Sears the bright hues of pain through his mind.
The grotesque fear.
The unimaginable horror of things he has seen and done.
A pain as sharp as his enemies curses,
as he sits silently and prays.....
"Just let me make it through the night."

He closes his eyes and remembers....
His grandmas homemade pies.
Cutting up with his brothers on a Saturday night
and his first kiss,
as he tries to ignore the ammunition
that teases him with each pass
like a prom date
as it narrowly misses him.

Searing colors of pain in his heart
as he wonders if his enemy remembers his first kiss.
He silently prays.....
"Just let me make it through the next few hours."

He squeezes his eyes shut tighter.
Remembering his moms Christmas dinners
with the best gravy ever, and leftovers for days.
Remembers his friends farewell party for him,
knowing it may really be farewell for good.
And that last kiss.

As the bullet bites through his flesh
like a dragon devouring a virgin sacrifice.
He wonders if his enemy remembers his last kiss,
as the tide of crimson stains the stripes
on the arm of his uniform.
He silently prays.....
"Just let me make it through the hour."

Taps plays as a flag is presented
to a sobbing wife.
A family weeps.....

And in a foreign land
A wife gives her husbands cold dead lips
one last kiss and wonders....
Did his enemies wife do the same?

How Many

How many tomorrows have come and gone
Since Strawberry Shortcake bed sheets?
Since a bowl of cereal after school?
Since bedtime stories being read
"Just one more time?"

How many clocks have struck noon
Since crossing the street was scary?
Since monsters lived under my bed?
Since my friend "Jellybean"
That only I could See?

How many shooting stars have I wished on...
Since pink lipgloss could make you beautiful?
Since tulle dance outfits with matching shoes?
Since wearing a training bra made you
A grown-up?

How many goodnights have been whispered
Since boo-boos had to be kissed?
Since death was unimaginable?
Since riding a bike was
Nearly impossible?

How many times have I cried...
Since secrets were never repeated?
Since dreams could really come true?
Since you could still live..
Happily ever after?

When do we stop believing?
When does it all dissappear?
How many tomorrows have to come and go?

Well it feels like only yesterday.

Crucifix of Tell Tale Lies and Shattered Dreams

I almost daily
Place myself upon my cross
Of self loathing
Of insecurities
Of estranged feelings

I use your harsh words
And uncaring glances
As nails and spikes
To impale my wounded soul
To the crucifix of shattered dreams

Come on Judas and hand me another nail
So I may press it into my tattered flesh
And hang here to die for my own sins

Mother, father, sisters, lovers
Hang me higher till my feet dangle
Loosely like my morals you hate so much
Then brand me with scarlet letters
All because I lived for me and not for you

You took your forty pieces of silver
From my branded and scarred hide
Now live it, drink, be merry

Just leave me be, and let me suffer alone
On this crucifix of tell tale lies
And shattered dreams


I cannot hold my head up
The weight of my heart
Drags it down
Lower and lower
Till all I can see
Is my feet

Painted toenails
Soaking in my salty tears
Heartache ridden pedicure
From pain and anger
And feelings of inadequacy

Trying hard to look up
To see the skyTo see the sun
To see joy

But failing

Looking at my toes
Tear soaked
Red painted white cherubs

How long till I see the sun again

Couldn't Help But Notice....

I am sorry, I couldn't help but notice...

That you are beautiful...
That you walk like a ballerina on water
In her wildest dreams

You make still life look like fast forwards
You make highlights look like old news

You make magic feel real...
And reality feel magic

That you tear apart the seam of social fabric before
People see that the embroidered things aren't always as they...

You make God look like a priest
And mere men look like mice
You make sacrifices look like gifts
And pain feel like smiles
You are not Gods gift to mankind...
You are mankinds offering to God
You make perfect look like it needs...
Just a little more practice

You are light
You are night

And you are humbled
So I am sorry.....
But I could not help but notice...

Everything you don't

┬ęBillie Jean Salas
all rights reserved

tenorsaxxman 66M

8/18/2006 3:38 am

I am very touched by your writing. I feel sadness in each with deep reflection. I too ease the pain by exposing it to sweet refrain. Please come visit and I will do so often to see what tracks you have left in the sand. Saxman.


warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
8/18/2006 4:37 am

tenorsaxxman suggested I visited here. I'm so pleased I have. You write such poignant poetry, weaving your words so well, you have become a gift for today. Do post more ...... they are wonderful.

warm xx

MerryPesosCalve 53M

8/20/2006 1:44 pm

Wow, that is amazing writing! As I read each one, I felt like was right there- I could see everything so clearly. Thank you so much for sharing your words! I can't wait to read more.

shybutneedinit 47F

8/22/2006 3:26 pm

awesome poetry! I write as well, but not like that keep it up.

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