My feelings of love  

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1/26/2006 1:10 pm

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My feelings of love

Was feeling creative - an unusual thing for me. Was thoughtful, remembering, and started to write.
I'm no poet, but these are my feelings.
Love is that indescribable feeling I get when I look into your eyes and the world goes away,
it is given whole and complete, never to repay.

It is the joy and peace that gets me through the week,
and your sweet kisses that make my knees go weak.

It is given without reservation and payment never comes due,
it is sacrificing some of me, but rewards with all of you.

It is what I feel when I touch you gently, my fingers tracing lightly across your skin.
It is who I am when I kiss you softly, then explore with my lips all over, yet again.

It is holding you in my arms throughout the night,
never wishing to see the morning light.

It is what I know as I watch you sleep, enraptured by your beauty,
and know that I am blessed with such a wondrous and simple duty.

The feeling that all will be well, come what may,
as long as we live and plan for forever, not just today.

It is knowing that some day, some how, I may well lose you.
But that you will remain my love, always, my heart yours, through and through.

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