Amazing immaturity  

sensualtouches3 45M
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2/3/2006 7:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Amazing immaturity

It's incredible sometimes the level of immaturity in people we talk to.

I've been chatting with a woman for a while, now - even talking for hours at a time on the phone.
She wants to meet, and so we've been discussing it all week. Last night, she picked the time and place (as she had to work), and so I was looking forward to it. Excited, even.

Got to the resturaunt about 20 minutes early (traffic was light), a bit earlier than I had planned, but not bad. I prefer to get there early so the woman I'm meeting doesn't have to sit and feel uncomfortable.

We were to meet at 1, and I waited till 1:25. Finally told the hostess to free up the table, and if someone came in asking for me, to tell them that I'd given up.

I get home. No calls whatsoever. No messages.

If she didn't want to meet, that's fine - but to make a person go and wait, without calling beforehand, or even calling the resturaunt?? Talk about immaturity!!!

Have been calling all afternoon, left a message, and kept it neutral - just wanting to know what happened. Not a peep all day.

Ah, well.... Even those in their 30's can surprise you.

crazygurl2xx 56F

2/4/2006 10:02 am

That is so wrong. I got stood up once. It turned out he was lying about being married...

rm_goddess1946 105F
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2/7/2006 6:08 pm

people of every chronological age can surprise you

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

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