scream out loud....  

sensually_4ever 42M/F
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6/15/2006 6:53 am

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6/18/2006 11:38 am

scream out loud....

have you ever just felt the need to scream out loud, your frustrations and anger?

I don't particularily feel this way at this point and time, but I know it has happened in the past, and will happen again.

In a way for me, writing on this blog could be a way to scream out loud.. but somewhere along the line, it became a way for me to be only frivolous and not utterly dead honest about my feelings and such... Maybe started to believe that you my readers? wouldn't care to see me air out honest and painful truths...

no one wants a party pooper really, and no one wants a so I try to keep my blog funny and silly at times.. but when I don't feel silly or fun, I no longer write....

hmmmmmmmmmmmm, things to contemplate...

Sorry for boring you, and have a good


williamandjane 53M/35F

6/15/2006 5:23 pm

you could never bore, sexy toes! if one of the more charming ladies ive met(cyberly) is feeling blue, I WANNA KNOW ABOUT IT!!!

*sits behind sens in the tub, soaping her back, massaging her worries away*
the rose petals cling to her skin, conjuring images of wood nymphs at play in my mind.

sensually_4ever 42M/F

6/15/2006 10:51 pm

NIceeeeeeeeee word play william.. sheesh....

I think I will go have a bath now


williamandjane 53M/35F

6/16/2006 1:01 pm

im tryin, sexy toes. im even pretending i have some literary talent LOL LOL LOL

nedthebundler 56M/59F

6/16/2006 11:56 pm


That's why I'm here, because I needed to say out loud things that I have thought about long and often. I can say what I like or don't like, and if no one reads it that's OK. I have said it, and I feel better.

Madness takes its toll. Exact change please!

rm_uberguod 50M

6/17/2006 9:42 pm

guru sens,

and here i thought your blogs were like ink blot tests - designed to give the reader a chance to look into his/her own soul

i for one have enjoyed reading your pondering posts

so please, keep telling us what's on your mind

despite rumours to the contrary, I remain

the uberguod (encouraging exegesism)

sensually_4ever 42M/F

6/18/2006 11:38 am

Uber lovely of you to stop by.. and thanks for the words doll

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