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12/31/2005 11:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

hmmm. next

Well... I know that there are predators.. as someone has posted to but I kinda feel.. why would they want to do anything with me.. It's kinda like... mmm. what's the point..

I love to chat and I have found that sometimes I will get really outrageous when I am chatting... and I say things I would think.. There is a certain anonymity an chat.. you are just a name.. no one can see you or judge you.. but then. I don't really stick by those rules.. I will quite often go on cam.. so that people can see that there is a real person behind that name.. camming is addictive in it's other ways too

For instance.. when I go on cam. I usually get a deluge of men complimenting me and telling me that I am SO pretty and all.. it acts like an instant pick me up.. I realize that they are only trying to get me to show more, I do, so i take everything said to me with a grain of salt. I have had men DEMAND me to do stuff.. and I really must say all this does is tick me

Then I see others who have talked to me.. and they are watching my cam.. That is what I find worth it, that real people can see me.. and for them.. I might perform, and I have, performed some naughty things(for me anyways) on cam. lol. BTW.. the witty comments really do work.. as a couple of my readers found out when they came into chat to talk to

thanks for listening to me ramble again.. lol. and see you in chat.. or look for my

sleeplessknight1 68M

1/2/2006 4:53 pm

I am enjoying your ramblings.....

my view is that a positive comment is better than no comment....

keep on rambling.....
look at mine its a ramble from beginning to end....

and a very happy new year....ty for the visit and comment

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